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    Going away for 2 nights maintaining FC

    I am so grateful for the advice which has me maintaining my pool on my own all summer. CYA 40. During this hot spell I have Been targeting FC 8 rather than 7 and it usually ends up losing 3-3.5 so the FC is 4.5-5. If I am going away for 2 nights and I bring it up to a SLAM level of 16 before I...
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    Pool opening

    Hey I used this forum for the second half of last season and to close last year and had great success , I just pulled the cover off the pool and it is fairly clear just a little cloudy. Now I am looking for help on the steps for getting the filter going and then will post test results?
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    Loose pool anchors

    I closed myself for the first time today. I previously had the pool company close last year and open this year. They used a power driver to tighten and loosen the brass pool anchors. Today when I went to loosen ( pull the anchor up) using a hand tool about half came out easily, 1/4 I had to...
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    Maintaining FC

    Hey so I switched to using liquid chlorine this summer. Pool has been crystal clear and I add 10% Pool Essentials chlorine daily to a target FC 7-8. I typically have to add 2 to 3 quarts, maybe a full gallon once in a while when it’s been hot in NJ and I may go down to FC 4 which previous post...
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    Trying to get started with TFP method

    I am new to the site. Was being led blindly by a pool store for last 2 years. This year I during opening and going back and forth as decided to try and maintain myself. I have been using the same maintenance routine they had me on prior years of adding 2 bags of shock, 2 oz of algicide, and 4...
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    Filter won’t prime

    Hayward pro series fliter s244t. I cleaned out the filter basket after vacuuming and had the jandy valve pulling from the skimmer mostly. I refilled the filter with water and relubed the seal gasket and turned jandy valve to middle. Filter will not prime after many times trying refelilling...