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    Annual Clean up Issue

    My pool was rather dirty due to a cover mishap over the winter and my water was nearly black. I have vacuumed till virtually no more debris is coming up and have put in my CYA /Muriatic acid to get the balance to a fair starting point and have been adding 2-3 gallons of fresh 10% liquid shock...
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    TA Drop PH Drop

    This evening I did my weekly testing and have made progress getting the PH down. 6.5-FC 1-CC 70-CYA 320-TA 8.2+ PH Added 1 gallon of MA and waited 45 min 7.2 PH Any helpful hints to improve things
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    First Test Of Season

    Just got my TFT 100 refillable testing reagents and did a test. DO Not Freak On T/A New liner pump filter and everything electrical that touches the water 11,600 AGP FC-3.5 CC-.5 CYA-60 PH over 8.2 on Taylor daily kit TA 620 It is well water and is sky high every time Recommend course appreciated
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    New Liner today

    After a year of neglect due to family health issues we needed a new liner that was installed today. The pool is currently filling (well water) and I also bought a new Pump and filter and new pool steps so everything is new that will touch the water. I completely forgot to order refills for the...
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    Need Advice New Liner Tomorrow

    At the end of last summer my pool got very swampy due to a variety of issues and wound up very scaled and rough below the water line. I ordered a new liner and scheduled installation for tomorrow. This past Tuesday I started pumping the pool down and stopped at around 2 inches due to the pump...
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    Average Chlorine Demand

    Looking to see if there is any type of average chlorine demand for a above groung pool. Mine seems to need 50-60 ounces per day Using 8.25 Fresh bleach CYA is 50-60 and that may be my inability to read the test just right PH is over 8.2 I added 18 ounces of MA last night and the reading did...
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    Tf 100 first test

    Hi Just had my pool for a little over a week now and the test kit just arrived today and I want to post up the initial readings. PH-7.5 CL-5 CC-5.5 T/A-420 CYA-38 I have been adding 8.25 % Bleach to try to keep the chlorine up and so far used 1.5 gallons over 7 days I had 1.5 gallons of MA...
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    HAYWARD Diver Dave

    I have a 4 year old Diver Dave cleaner that I use with limited success in my old 18' Intex pool. We had the power to run him with the Waterway sand filter we had and I believe he would have been much better if the pool floor was flat and wrinkle free.(floor was a lumpy mess due to moist ground...
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    AGP Timer

    I would like to get a good timer for my above ground pool Any decent ones that do not require hard wire
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    New Pool Need Pump & Filter

    You just got my pool up Last Weekend and the new Waterway sand filter Set up I bought is plagued with problems. They do not do anything but toss it in a large box without packing. It arrived with a few broken parts wich they sent and after installing the motor squeals at times and the bottom...
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    Brand New Pool

    We have not bought the test kit yet but will order tomorrow TF kit. Are there any baseline things that we need to start off right. I know from past INTEX use that the PH will be sky high
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    Getting Excited

    The pool builder will be here tomorrow and I am excited and restless. After 7 years with INTEX we finally bought a hard sided pool. I stopped at Home Depot and bought all the PVC to plumb it up and will be putting the pipe in the ground since the filter will sit 7 feet away. New GFCI 20 amp...
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    Agp plumbing question

    We will soon have a 21' above ground installed and I want to be sure the plumbing plan I have is good. I bought 6 of these for $50 shipped to use throughout since they are a on/off valve plus union My pump and filter is...
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    Very high ph water supply

    We will be putting up a 21' AGP soon and I know from the INTEX pools I have had before that my local (RURAL) water supply is well water. The PH was always very high and I need to know if there is any way to lower it when we fill the pool. The new pool will be approximately 11,000 gallons. Is...
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    New agp site question

    Hi I have just purchased the pool in my signature and have a question about the site where it will be installed. The site has had 2 different INTEX 18' Ultra Frame pools over that last 7 years and the last one was just taken down 2 weeks ago. The ground seems to be very soft/damp in this area...