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  1. CRAD_oz

    Possible equipment upgrade on my horizon

    I'm glad tthe filter was an easy fix. Let's hope the Chlorinator is in working order and you get swimming soon.
  2. CRAD_oz

    Possible equipment upgrade on my horizon

    Hi Sal Sorry to hear about your illness and I hope all is well now. I'm sure you'll get some expert advise soon but I thought you maybe able to try a few things in the meantime. Looks like you have a some issues and it may be best to attack them one at a time. Can you confirm the pressure...
  3. CRAD_oz

    Stenner pump fitting material

    Is the fitting made of 316 ss? I've seen many swagelok type fittings used in chemical systems.
  4. CRAD_oz

    RaspiPool automation | bypass plumbing

    @Sads It's been a while since you first posted and you have probably already started or finished your project. From your picture above it looks like you wanted to run your sensor line between the Return line and the pump suction? Hard to tell with the picture. You will end up with flow from...
  5. CRAD_oz

    Help pls

    G'day Tom Can you take a pic of your pool showing the skimmer and returns and any other pipes that are associated with it. Are there anymore pipes coming out of your filter? As mentioned above the pipes that are visible in your picture are a pump suction (possibly from the skimmer) and the...
  6. CRAD_oz

    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    8ighties Use "Effects of adding" in Pool Math. 3.3ppm with %100 output, 10hrs running in a 75KL volume pool. (Using a 1.322 lbs/day cell).
  7. CRAD_oz

    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    Hi 8ighties Is your SWCG a 25g/hr unit? If so it will output 3.3ppm of FC at 100% in 10hrs wit hb your size pool. Are you saying it drops from 7 to 4 everyday or over four days?
  8. CRAD_oz

    Mustard Algea or just dirt/pollen?

    I have the s200. Not only was it well recommended on here but it came with everything I wanted and nothing of what I didn't want. The Ultra fine filters are perfect for the fine dust/dirt that collects in my pool.
  9. CRAD_oz

    Dolphin Maytronics vacuum tripping GFCI after few seconds

    BB Good point... My control box will stay on even if the Robot is disconnected. It may be smart enough to know that robot is not connected and not try to output power to the socket? All makes and models may be different as well so you can only try. Have you tried to dry out the suspected wet...
  10. CRAD_oz

    Mustard Algea or just dirt/pollen?

    Doddsy I had the exact same problem with my FG pool. I have garden beds all around my pool and heavy rain was washing dirt into the pool. The only way to get the dirt out of the pool was to manual vac to my cartridge filters or to waste. Now I have a Robot cleaner with Ultra fine filters and now...
  11. CRAD_oz

    Dolphin Maytronics vacuum tripping GFCI after few seconds

    Unplug the Robot from control box and then press the power on button to see if it's the control box tripping the GFCI or the Robot. (I'm just assuming it's a Robot).
  12. CRAD_oz

    Small VS pump

    James The link below is to the Hayward Max Flo VS and this pump is close to what I have and my pools not much bigger than yours. I have my set for 1250rpm for the majority of the pump run and that is sufficient for skimming and the SWCG. Im not sure what performance your existing pump has but...
  13. CRAD_oz

    filter housing leaking from top

    This is my old one apart. It's just one full turn before it separated. Two orings inside.
  14. CRAD_oz

    SWCG that monitors chlorine level?

    MCF50 I do have a SWCG that has another attached unit that measures and maintains FC and pH. It was already installed when I bought the house. Search for "Puresilk Chromatalyzer" this is the older version and no longer made. This unit uses photometer to measure and you can set a set point to...
  15. CRAD_oz

    Sanity Check

    Hey Luke I'm no expert but you may find it harder to keep your CSI in an acceptable range with your CH too low. Play around with your numbers on Pool Math including your water temperature during winter and Summer.
  16. CRAD_oz

    Sanity Check

    Luke Have you read the Pool School ebook? It list the reasons for the CH to be at a certain level for Fiberglass and for SWCG pools.
  17. CRAD_oz

    Sanity Check

    Are you tracking your CSI?
  18. CRAD_oz

    Salt water chlorinator not making any chlorine

    Hi sroberts You may already have this? Below is a link to the manual. You have the e series Salt Chlorinator. Reading from the manual. If the Low Salt light stays on and your Salt level is ok, Cell is clean then it may be a bad Cell. That is a discontinued model and you would be best upgrading...
  19. CRAD_oz

    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    Thanks for the reply, Yes we ended up with the Austral unit only because we were able to get it wholesale. It sounds like you have the hang of the settings v runtime time. I'm not far from you and was also running at 70% for 6hrs but with the increase in hot weather and kids in the pool most...
  20. CRAD_oz

    Saltmate RP20 - Service Manual

    At least your plates are still there. After I bought my place I found all but two plates had fallen off. Some were in the cell housing and the others were on the ground around filter. Did you have any luck finding a service manual?
  21. CRAD_oz

    Saltmate RP20 - Service Manual

    Hey Nudey Just a few checks you can try if not already. The answers will also help the experts trouble shoot your issue quicker. I'm guessing your Free Chlorine is dropping or not increasing? Can you see the cloud of chlorine inside the cell while it's on? Have you tested the water out of the...
  22. CRAD_oz

    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    Fiesta Sorry for jumping on your thread... I just wanted to see how the Watermaid RP9 WAS going. My Dad's SWCG just died (I think it was hit by lightning by one of our recent storms) and so I was thinking of replacing it with a Austral VX or the Watermaid. I like that the Watermaid is locally...
  23. CRAD_oz

    polarity reverser

    It's normally built into the Saltwater Chlorine Generator. Fill in your signature to show what equipment you have to help your questions getting answered. Can you also post your water testing results?
  24. CRAD_oz

    Wanting as low a FC as possible for SWG pool.

    I had my first swim for the season a couple of week ago. The first thing I noticed was a slight taste of salt(everybody remembers the taste of the water on their first dip in the ocean or pool after a long winter?). Not Chlorine! Couldn't taste it, couldn't smell it and I run FC at 6ppm. I hope...
  25. CRAD_oz

    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    Just curious.... Do you have a smart meter with different rates at different times of the day or have you hook your pool circuit upto the off-peek meter circuit?
  26. CRAD_oz

    VX7-T issues

    I'm just bumping your post...... What is your current salt level?
  27. CRAD_oz

    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    You could add some LC and run the pump for 20 to 30mins to mix prior to the pool being used instead of using your SWCG for a few hours to top up the FC. I always keep some LC around just in case.
  28. CRAD_oz

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Topped up the cya, cleaned the skimmer sock, checked the chems and watched the kids swim. Also tried to find the to find where I stored the pool toys🤔
  29. CRAD_oz

    adding chlorine doser

    Are you running your pump through a timer plugged into a 10A outlet? Just make sure the total load through the outlet and timer(If you have one) don't exceed the rated current.