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  1. Jbat9466

    Raising CYA levels

    My CYA is at 20 and I am finding that I am losing a lot of chlorine during the day. About 4 to 5 ppm. I would like to get my CYA up to around 40. Which type of stabilizer should I use, liquid or dry and what is a good brand to use ? Thanks
  2. Jbat9466

    When to Test

    I will be opening my pool shortly and I have a question on WHEN to test my pool. Once I get all the chemicals balanced out, I will be using a stenner pump to inject liquid chlorine twice a day. My run time on my pump will be 5am - 11am and 5pm -11pm and I'll be injecting the chlorine around 8am...
  3. Jbat9466

    Storing chlorine

    So it's getting close to the time to close my pool. This is the first year I used a stenner pump to administer the chlorine and it worked so much better than expected. My plumbing to my pool is outside my garage wall so I installed the pump on the inside wall with a 15 gal. tank under it and run...
  4. Jbat9466

    What plugs to use

    I was just wondering what type of plugs work best for the intake and return lines for winterizing your pool ? Last closing I used the threaded type with the O-ring. Seemed to work fine. Your thoughts ?
  5. Jbat9466

    Slam levels before closing

    This is my second time closing my pool. In the spring I started using this site along with the BBB method and its been a wonderful experience. I've learn so much and I am grateful for all the advice. My question deals with chlorine levels before I cover. Last fall when I closed my pool, I...
  6. Jbat9466

    What size to use ?

    I'm looking to convert my pool to SWG. I have a 20,000 gal I.G. that gets sun all day. I'm debating over brands and what size to get. Some say 1.5x to 2x is sufficient where others say 2x to 3x. Any ideas on a brand and a size ? I like the Circupool RJ series. Thanks
  7. Jbat9466

    All advice welcome to newbee

    Roughly how long should you wait after adding chemicals to retest your water ? Also, is there any particular order I should be balancing my pool ? Should PH be first, then TA, then FC etc... ? I'm just starting out with the TFPM. (BBB) Any and all advice would be much appreciated. 8 shaped pool...