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  1. Farmerstan91

    “Tangle free cord” active 20

    Love my active 20 but this is a first
  2. Farmerstan91

    Solar covers and heat?

    Finally got me a solar cover in last week after ordering one from pool supply world(never again) may 8 that never shipped and then 10 days from an amazon supplier. Instructions say over 90 degrees ambient or water temp can damage the cover. What should i do with because highs have been low 90s...
  3. Farmerstan91

    Pool supply world

    Ordered some stuff may 8 from them. Skimmer basket multiport valve and a solar cover. Skimmer basket shipped on fri but not the other pieces. Sent 2 seperate emails with no answer and their phones arent working. Anyone got a better idea on how to check on my order?
  4. Farmerstan91

    Clorox pool salt

    Need some advice on what to do/check/watch. Pool read low on salt at open so went to walmart and got 4 bags of the clorox pool salt cause it was $1 cheaper than mortons and no water softner salt in the store. Been dealing with a bunch of rain but salt level was 5-600ppm lower than i expected out...
  5. Farmerstan91

    No more extension cords

    Pump and filter is on the outside of my fence and after having an extension cord draped over my fence all summer i decided to do something about it. Also added a second set of outlets in the middle for phone chargers
  6. Farmerstan91

    When is it safe to swim?

    Opened green and working through slam now. At what point is it safe to swim? When its clear while keeping slam levels or do i need to wait till everything is back to normal levels?
  7. Farmerstan91

    Green at open

    Followed the tfp reccomendations at close. Added polyquat at close under 60. Cycled the poly then pumped down to close. Opened today at 60 to a light green pool. Can see 3ft bottom but not the 6ft. Had a mild winter and 35” of rain since close so had to pump off alot of water over the winter...
  8. Farmerstan91

    Replacing spider gasket?

    Fired up the pool this afternoon and everything works like it should except when im set to filter i have a trickle coming out the waste port. Guessing spider gasket has gone bad. Can it be replaced on this model or do i need a new multiport?
  9. Farmerstan91

    Cost to run propane heater?

    Would like to add a heater to my pool to extend my season. Help get it up to temp quicker in may and keep it decent through the end of sept. We have days in the 80s through early oct thats nice enough to swim but 75 deg water is a little cold to enjoy Not planning on running it to stay at 90...
  10. Farmerstan91

    S200 in agp?

    Bout the time of year to start opening pools around here and the conversations that follow about upkeep that happen talking to people at church, walmart etc. love my s200 in my igp since it gets the walls. How do these work in an agp? Can they climb the walls safely or will it tear things up?
  11. Farmerstan91

    Correct polyquat?

    Bough thiss hoping it was the right stuff. Was i correct?
  12. Farmerstan91

    Big ph drop?

    First year with the pool and initial fill had hard water in it ta-140ish if i remember correctly and had to drop ph every 2-3 days at first then spaced out as my ta came down. Pool finally leveled out at 7.6 2-3 weeks ago and has stayed steady since. Last checked it sunday at 7.6 then checked...
  13. Farmerstan91

    Couple closing questions

    Number 1 what grade rv antifreeze should i get? -50 works for us in our sprayers here but didnt know if i needed some -100. Have a skimmer, main drain and 4 returns how many gallons will i need? For clearing lines should i use a shop vac or a 400 cfm leaf blower?
  14. Farmerstan91

    How should i cover my pool?

    Currently have a worn out mesh saftey cover that has holes in it in places. Was planning on just using it as is for this winter then hopefully having more funds avaliable next year for a new one but i see people talk about solid tarps off amazon for cheap. Would i use both or just the solid...
  15. Farmerstan91

    Diy pool heaters?

    The following is hypothetical and somewhat in jest but if actually plausible who knows ;). As stated in sig i have a 16k gal vinyl pool. I also have a 2m btu heater and 500 gal propane tank i have access to for free. Heater in its intended use has a big fan behind it and could be setup if...
  16. Farmerstan91

    Helping a friend. Pool vac for agp?

    Helping a friend open an agp that has been sitting all summer. I dont see a port to hook up a vac into the pump system so how is best to suck the Crud out of the pool? Its a coleman steel frame with an intex pump and sand filter
  17. Farmerstan91

    Long backwash while lowering pool level after rain?

    Pool is almost full after a big rain last night. Anything wrong with running a long backwash instead of just wasting?
  18. Farmerstan91

    Caddy for active 20?

    Or any of the clones? Can somebody post a pic of how the robot sits on the caddy? Have an old dolly i dont need anymore so want to build my own caddy because im both cheap and handy. Gonna mount a manual hose reel to it so i dont have the coils that get tangled up
  19. Farmerstan91

    Vinyl liner safe chairs?

    Shallow end of my pool is 3ft so would be awesome to have chairs that i could use in the pool. Any recommendations?
  20. Farmerstan91

    Liner removal then reinstall?

    Pb did a rush job with new poolcrete floor fighting a groundwater seep. Can the liner safely be removed then reinstalled so that the floor can be fixed correctly?
  21. Farmerstan91

    How often is normal to adjust ph?

    My ta is about 140 right now in my salt pool. Im having to add a quart of 20 baume to my pool every 3 days to drop it from 7.9-8 back to 7.5-7.6. Is this normal? Should i be dropping it more to about 7.2 so it has more room to rise instead?
  22. Farmerstan91

    Pool tests and rain

    How does rain typically alter pool chemistry? New to all of this and trying to learn without getting myself in a bind. .5-1” i doubt does much but end of may we got 12” in 3 days. Hope it doesnt happen again but ya never know
  23. Farmerstan91

    Finally dried out enough to finish the pool

    Like with most of the central us we had tons of rain in the month of june so my liner just sat in shop waiting for groundwater to stop. Well yesterday was finally the day to get things going. Liner is a latham tan seirra/gold pebble. Perk of being a farmer is not paying to truck water. Will add...
  24. Farmerstan91

    Brand new to pools and could use some pointers

    Im a newbie in every way. New to TFP, New pool owner and will be opening my pool in the next week hopefully with a new liner. Been lurking and learning in the background while it has been raining all june. Previous owner didnt take care of things and left me with nothing. So with the background...
  25. Farmerstan91

    New poster and pool owner

    Im a farmer in sw missouri and bought a house last fall that already had an in ground saltwater pool installed. Found the site while looking for a pool care guide and has been extremely helpful with me getting a knowledge base built on how to care for the pool if it will stop raining long enough...