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  1. kwss1976

    What are these clear floating particles?

    Pool is bal. correctly yet still have these, I do have trees above pool is this just pollen?
  2. kwss1976

    Polaris 65

    Hello all I just bought a Polaris 65 a week ago and have an issue with it that I think I fixed last night just needing some confirmation on my fix from someone that has had one for sometime. It would only go forwards and backwards and not left or right. I removed from the pool and the Polaris...
  3. kwss1976

    Bleach stains liner as soon as added to pool

    Hey guys/gals I have a 18' round above ground pool and was trying to put in a little bleach to bump up my chlorine level and as soon as I add the bleach it stains the bottom of my liner. I got some Stain Free added it and it lifted the stain,but as soon as I add the bleach it stains it and turns...