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  1. JasonAnt

    Combined Chlorine Test Question - TF-100

    Hi, Brand new pool and spa owner here. I'm on Day-2 of balancing the water in my pool and spa (separate bodies of water... separate mechanicals). I just SLAMMED my spa to get a 1.5 CC level down to 0. During my fist test after adding the PoolMath recommended amount of chlorine I used the...
  2. JasonAnt

    SWG Recommendation for 850gal Fiberglass Spa

    Hi, Our pool and spa construction project is almost complete. This is our first pool. We just got the mechanicals turned on this past Friday. I have a TFP-100 test kit on the way... should be here Wednesday. Our pool is a totally separate body of water from our spa, with completely...
  3. JasonAnt

    New Pool - Almost Done with Construction - Mechanicals Just Turned On

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. We're 14 weeks into our construction project that includes a fiberglass pool and spa. Our landscapers will be done with the hardscaping in about a week. Our pool company got our mechanicals up and running yesterday. Prior to starting up the pumps, they...
  4. JasonAnt

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