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  1. hodapmj

    Intellichlor IC 40 Only Steady Green Lights, Even When OFF!

    3 year old Intellichlor IC 40 connected via the 10 year old, Easy Touch. On the Intellichlor, steady green lights for Flow, Salt, Output %, bottomline looks like it is running fine. Diagnostics on the Easy Touch indicate no errors. Here is the wierd part, even when the pool is turned off, it...
  2. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    I am in a vicious circle with ascorbic acid to remove brown staining. Brought chlorine levels to zero applied 1.5lbs of ascorbic acid to my 24,000 gallon vinyl lined pool. This removed most of the stains in an hour. Applied another 1.5lbs and viola! all stains gone. Pool was clear and...
  3. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Handheld Remote won't stay on

    When powering on the handheld remote, you hold the Menu/Power On button to activate the remote. The screen lites up and connects, but only stays on as long as you hold the button down. Is there anyone who has experienced this issue with the remote?
  4. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Controller won't start Intelliflow 4X160

    This has happened now three times after a heavy rain storm. The pool will be running fine through the rain storm and when the pump is turned off by the Easy Touch schedule, the next scheduled ON time the Intelliflow will not start. All LED's on the pump are on indicating it should be working...
  5. hodapmj

    Pentair heater makes a high pitched noise.

    My Pentair heater appears to be heatiing as it always has, but it has just started making a high pitched noise while heating. The noise appears to be coming from the heaters chimmney. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  6. hodapmj

    Intellichlor IC-40 RED No Flow Indicator

    Flow light is indicating red which is no flow. I have removed the cell and checked for obstructions, cells are completely clean. Backwashed the filter and feel I am completely clean. I have an Intelliflow 4X160 and have tried higher RPM's to no avail. In reading the other postings I have not...
  7. hodapmj

    City flushed the water mains, and I needed fill water

    Yesterday the city flushed the water mains. In the house the water has yellow look and without getting too graphic , looks like someone didn't flush the toilet. I needed to put in several hundred gallons of water into the pool to "fix" the other problem of a floating pool liner, compliments of...
  8. hodapmj

    Pentair IC-40 Insuffient Flow Indicator Light Problem

    I have an IC-40 SWG with a Intelliflo 4x160. Normal operating RPM is 1700, which gives me a turn or so a day on my 24,000 g pool. A recent anomaly has popped up. My low flow indicator light is coming on the IC-40, in turn stopping any clorine production. The only way to get the low flow...
  9. hodapmj

    Freeze Protection - Not all Circuit Types Working Properly

    IG Vinyl Pool/Spa with Pentair EasyTouch 8 Control System w/ IntelliFlow 160 pump. My question is on the cold evenings my freeze protection works perfectly at 35 degrees. During freezes, it switches between the pool and the spa every 15 minutes. What my concern is, the SPA seems to drain it's...