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  1. ultra800_96

    Prayers & kudos to TFP members & non

    Just wanted to say wishing well to all members & non whom went through the big storms & are suffering big power outages. Hope you can all keep or get your pools clean with all the carnage & power outages I've read about. Main thing to keep in mind, life is above all in these storms. Just...
  2. ultra800_96

    My town is the Copper Capital?

    Here's my story, (sorry for the long post) After a citric acid treatment this spring ridding the pool of stains on my 17 yr agp, (worked very well after some time & too much citric), finally got FC to hold after 3 weeks. I've been working on tuning the SWCG in, supplementing with some bleach...
  3. ultra800_96

    Borates next?

    So, my pool has been up & running, after my citric acid stain treatment the chlorine took quite a bit of tending to, to finally hold so the SWCG can take over, what's next? Been thinking of adding borates. No necessary reasons, just would like to try it out. Here in Iowa, usually open in May...
  4. ultra800_96

    New SWCG works great!

    Update from my original thread in the Liquidator forum... I decided with help from the good people on here to go with the SWCG. I spent a few bucks more over the Intex for the adjustability of the percentage...
  5. ultra800_96

    Deciding to automate a bit..Liquidator or SWG

    Hi, I've been a happy pool owner the few years since switching to liquid chlorine & the help from this site. I'm deciding to give myself a break from the daily additions, etc. & will either go with the Liquidator or SWG (Intex to startout with). In Iowa, my 24' above ground gets roughly 3-4...
  6. ultra800_96

    Menards Liquid Chlorine Sale! $2.99 buy one-get one free

    FYI, Menards has 12.5% liquid chlorine on sale. Gallon jugs & on sale till May 8th. Buy one at 2.99, get one free, limit 4 free per person. Took a friend along who bought 4 & I bought 4, Got 8 jugs free. Best price here in Iowa that I've seen. Going back again in a couple days for more.
  7. ultra800_96

    Hayward Filter Valve needed!

    Hi, Was going to backwash yesterday & the stem coming out of the top of my Hayward Sand filter Variflo XL valve broke off in my hand. Anyone have an unused SP0714 valve top laying around unused? I'm checking ebay also, but thought I'd also check here. Thanks, Dave
  8. ultra800_96

    Got my test kit today, Numbers & help with cloudy pool

    Hi, I received my TF100 Testkit today in very timely fashion. Thanks duraleigh. Ran a full set of tests on the pool. A little background, this pool has been a mess for a while, (2 years?). I have had the pool for 12 years with no problems till 2 years ago, due to life problems & changes which I...
  9. ultra800_96

    Shipping time of TFTestkit?

    Hi, I finally ordered my TF100 Test kit on the 18th. I have been eagerly awaiting to clear up my now just cloudy pool, from a bad, bad swamp. I've been shooting from the hip so far with heavy constant doses of Liquid 12.5%. I'll be back with more questions if I need them, but my main question is...