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  1. Tim_B

    2005 Hot Springs Vista, Problem with flashing power and ready lights. No Heat. Help please!

    Purchased a new home last winter with this hot tub. Nothing but problems from the start. Previous owner said everything worked. First the keypad went out and the system defaulted to 80 degrees. Spa ran like this through the winter (heated at 80 degrees). Early spring the recirc pump failed so I...
  2. Tim_B

    Looking for a Hot Spring 73225 control head for an older spa (2005).

    Looking for a Hot Spring 73225 control head for an older spa (Vista SS 2004-2009).. Anyone have a used one for sale or know of a good place to buy one? My buttons no longer work. Thanks!
  3. Tim_B

    PH dropping daily after filling pool.

    My PH keeps falling off the chart. Just setup and filled (county water) last Wednesday (5/24/19). Everything was fine for 3 days, now it wont hold PH and FC is dropping pretty quick. Water is clear. Water temps are 80F at dawn and reaching 86F by Dusk. Air temps are pretty high this week, lows...
  4. Tim_B

    Where to purchase a new spa cover (Hot Springs Vista)?

    Any recommendations as to where to purchase a new cover for my new to me 2005 Hot Springs Vista SS? I see there are a bunch of upgrades and options. Are any of them worth the extra money?
  5. Tim_B

    Need your thoughts on a 2008 Hot Spring Vista Spa

    I haven't owned a spa in 20 years. Just purchased a home that has a 2008 Hot Spring Vista Spa sunken in the deck and would like your opinions. 1. When we viewed the home the water was warm. Water is now cold. Cant get the temp to display on the panel. I think the previous owner had the heater...
  6. Tim_B

    Help Connecting Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Just bought a Intex automatic pool cleaner and the adapter has the wrong threads for my return. Anyone else had this issue? Any idea how to fix it? The adapter that came with it screws onto my intakes fine but that’s not where it’s supposed to go. Check the photo, the one on the left (dark...
  7. Tim_B

    Filled pool in the rain, turned it Green. Now what?

    First post! I need some help opening my pool. This is my second year with a pool. We took the pool down and stored it over the winter. I kept waiting for the rain to stop to set it up. Monday I had a window so I went for it. I started filling the pool Monday night and finished by Tuesday night...