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  1. RichSiegmund

    Firmware update needed for Intellicenter Indoor Control Panel?

    I recently installed an Intellicenter and yesterday added the 522035 Indoor Control Panel Kit (WHITE faceplate). The Panel came with the same kind of notice to update firmware, but while the Panel has a usb port and surely uses firmware I found no firmware at...
  2. RichSiegmund

    have unused (new) pentair 522475Z WiFi Link Kit

    (update) I recently bought an Intellicenter kit not realizing it came with the wifi link. I hardwired my setup using ethernet so won't ever need the wifi. The part number is 522475Z and I think it retails for $259.95. Please comment this post if interested.
  3. RichSiegmund

    Replacing 1995 Jandy Aqualink 2 Pool Controller

    Hi Folks, My ancient pool controller has mostly given up - Yesterday the filter pump got stuck on despite the inside control panel showing off, this has happened before and I assumed a relay was stuck on. Today I replaced the relay board, but now the panel appears dead, nothing on the LCD...
  4. RichSiegmund

    Hayward pump/motor temperature (possible mismatch)

    Installed a new US Motor today to replace a 4year old motor that failed (smoke got out). I'm wondering about two things (and see my NOTE below about the filter replacement) 1) is the mismatch in total HP between pump and (both) old and new motors okay? I'm told the new motor is a direct...