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  1. Phillbo

    White Build Up on Tile

    Is it Calcium that could be causing a white chalky build up on my tile? What should my CH level be? Last test showed it at 480.
  2. Phillbo

    It's Official I have a Leak

    Started losing a lot of water about a week ago (after first use of the season) so I did the bucket test and confirmed it's not just increased evaporation due to the weather heating up. I shut everything down and let it sit for 3 days and it leaked down to the level of the skimmer and appears to...
  3. Phillbo

    FNS Filter use with Salt Water Pool

    Hello, my FNS Plus DE filter was leaking a bit at the bottom drain this morning so while I was tightening the plug I noticed the label states "Suitable for Fresh Water Use Only" Has anyone experienced issues with using this model with a Salt Water pool ?
  4. Phillbo

    Compu Pool SWG

    Anyone have any experience or opinions on this unit? ... aning.html
  5. Phillbo

    Phosphate Remover

    First off, I did not get sold snake oil by a pool store but was given a bottle of SeaKlear Phosphate Remover and Natural Clarifier from a buddy while helping him move over the weekend. I don't have an algae problem at the moment so would it be of any value to use it ? Should I get my Phosphates...
  6. Phillbo

    Sand Filter Pressure

    Hello all, my Mom has a IG pool with a sand filter (triton T100 I believe it is ). Last week her Hayward cleaner stopped moving as well as it use to, so she took it in and they replace the flappers but stated to her that it showed signs of being used with too much suction (not sure if related)...
  7. Phillbo

    Leaky Salt Cell

    Hello, I have an Ecomatic SWG that has developed a small drip from the O-Ring around the probe that the electrical is connected to. Given the fact that Ecomatic does not distribute to the US any longer, can anyone suggest a distributor I could contact to get the O-Rings ? Thanks for any...
  8. Phillbo

    Woo Hoo... I have the dumbest question ever.

    I'm replacing my Intermatic timer. It's the model with the metal case. I need to punch out the 3 plugs so I can run my wires into the box. I don't want to just start pounding them out with a hammer and screwdriver for fear of bending the metal. Whats the secret ? Hammer and a big screwdriver ?
  9. Phillbo

    Leak from bottom of DE filter.

    Hi all, I have a Nautilus FNS DE filter and have developed a small leak from the bottom of the filter. I can't see where the leak is coming from but the slab under the plastic base and the dirt for a few inches around the base are damp. I noticed this after I experienced a spike in pressure a...