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  1. dansnqn2

    Radiant Freeform Pool Turnkey Cost

    Thinking about upgrading my Intex Ultra to a Radiant freeform 16 x 28 next year and I'm having trouble getting intouch with the dealer in my area. I've contacted Radiant to see if they can recommend any other dealers within a 100 mile radius of central Va. I'd like to go inground or...
  2. dansnqn2

    Not Feeling Suction In My Strainer Grid for Intex Ultra XTR Pool

    Just purchased the Intex Ultra XTR 12x24 rectangular pool and I have a question about starting up. The pools pump/filter came with 2 strainer grids which also had screws to assemble on the sides. According to the directions this seemed optional so I went ahead and screwed them in each strainer...