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  1. Azmp1

    descaler for winter

    Folks, any recommendation on the descaler brand to use for the winter?
  2. Azmp1

    Used CLR to remove scale

    Moved from here. I know this is an old thread, but wanted to post that I just used CLR as well to clean out the buildup on my concrete paver raised beam wall. It did the job great. Some of the CLR of course when I rinsed out the wall it went it to the pool. So I’m hoping the amounts are too...
  3. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    got ya. Thanks.
  4. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    sorry, what do you mean by cut sheets?
  5. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    Very nice construction you got there! Yes no wood or anything combustible at all. metal, durrock and stone, that's all it will be. Were I'm worried is that everything on the inside is still a one big open space, with no "walls" in between cabinets, im afraid it may still get too hot, as there...
  6. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    Oh it sure does. I have a Kamado Joe and it can get pretty hot. For the grill, I am thinking on getting a grill blanket
  7. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    Hello all, Ive started on the the outdoor kitchen build (here are some pics of where I’m so far) and one thing I still need to figure out is the heat insulation and venting. For venting I’m planning to install at least 2 sets of vents on each side of the kitchen, I think that should work ok...
  8. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen build

    Looks great I’m working on mine as well. Still on frame tho.
  9. Azmp1

    Help with plaster cleanup!

    Got It. Thanks.
  10. Azmp1

    Help with plaster cleanup!

    ok I will try - thank you! Nothing I should add to the water to help the process? I was thinking doing an acid bath...
  11. Azmp1

    Help with plaster cleanup!

    hey all, so last fall we finally had our winter covered installed on our two year old pool and the installers, when drilling the holes for cover fasteners into the raised beam never cleaned up all the dust that went into the water and I didn’t see it as they got the cover on before I noticed it...
  12. Azmp1

    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Great pools everyone! Here are few pics of ours.
  13. Azmp1

    Cleaning a metal stain

    Perfect, thank you!
  14. Azmp1

    Cleaning a metal stain

    Folks, a quick check, was using a metal brush to clean some calcium residue off a raised beam and didn’t notice few metal bristles falling into the pool. Stayed there overnight and just like that I know have rusty metal stains where the bristles landed onto the plaster. What is the best way to...
  15. Azmp1

    Cannot connect to TFP using Tapatalk

    Man this sucks... opened my tapatalk just to see that TFP was no longer there... all forums I use are in TAT. TFP is one odd one out.... bummer.
  16. Azmp1

    pool safety cover

    Im also looking to purchase a new winter/safety cover for the new pool we built. For the old pool, at the old house I had a cover I bought through, but looks like they're no longer sell them. So looking for recommendations as well. Please chime in folks.
  17. Azmp1

    Using stand alone grill in kitchen island

    Hey folks, so I’m finally starting on my outdoor kitchen built, just purchased the frames from bbqcoach yesterday, as they’re running a nice 4th of July sale! So, now looking for new gas grill options. Because the built in grills are so crazy expensive, I was wondering, why wouldn’t I just be...
  18. Azmp1

    Need some Ideas for Pool Fence Landscaping

    We’re big fans of evergreens, and I love the cypress type trees. We’ve planted green giants on one side of the fence where we want to screen more from the neighbors and plated emerald green arborvitaes on the other side for more decorative purposes.
  19. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    Yes I think the fan will do the job perfectly as well. Thank you for you pr feedback. Btw, just looked at your setup - very nice! And also saw your Solar thread, that’s some excellent results. Planning to add that in the future as well.
  20. Azmp1

    Best pool I have ever seen in my life

    Holly mother of all pools!!!!
  21. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    So I did some test grilling with my gas grill and it was perfectly fine the ceiling didn’t even get warm. The charcoal may definitely be more problematic as I do a lot of kabobs over charcoal as well. I will have a large fan right over the outdoor kitchen area, so I’m hoping that would help...
  22. Azmp1

    Laminar from landscape bed?

    Pentair makes deck jets. Pretty pricey tho. There are other brands out there, but none are cheap.
  23. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    So I spoke with both building and fire code inspectors and both said, shouldn’t be an issue as long as I follow manufactures recommended clearances. There’s nothing in the code that advices against this. So, what I’ll do is some test grilling and will keep an eye out.
  24. Azmp1

    Connecting a heat pump to jandy aqualink RS

    Yes wired correctly and in remote mode... when I try starting I hear the relay click and that it...
  25. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    I'm gonna check with the building inspector tomorrow. I had an electrical inspector come around to do a final on the pool, I asked him and he said he would be concerned, but wasn't sure on the code part, told me to check with the building inspector. As for grills, the gas grill I probably...
  26. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    Folks, so my pool house is now about done, planning the kitchen under the overhang. The concern I have is the vinyl ceiling of the overhang overheating/melting/combusting when grilling. The ceiling is 9 ft high and as you can see below everything is open. The 2 grills I will have one gas and...
  27. Azmp1

    Connecting a heat pump to jandy aqualink RS

    Hey folks, getting the new pool going in the new house, just connected my new heat pump (Raypak), but for some reason can't get it started via aqualink RS remote. The relay fires off, but the heater won't start. Does start fine manual mode tho, so it's definitely a remote connection issue. I've...
  28. Azmp1

    Outdoor TV help please

    I also vote for a regular tv. We had a 42" insignia tv in the gazebo, for 3 years (but only used during season). No issues. At all. The only thing I'd recommend is get a cover like this and use when tv is not in use. VIVO Universal Outdoor Waterproof Weather Resistant Flat Screen Cover...
  29. Azmp1

    Outdoor refrigerator worth the price?

    I have a $100 and change Danby mini fridge, that sat in my non-air conditioned sunroom for about 6 years. I would turn it off for the off-season, so it only worked for about 7 months out of the year, but it did like a champ and for pretty hot inside that sunroom. Now, as we moved, I'm planning...
  30. Azmp1

    Faux Waterfall?

    Thanks for the feedback. How long have you had it for? Any issues with longevity?