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  1. GreatCanadian

    TA at 120, pH at 7.5

    My neighbor's pool has a TA of 120, and a pH that appears be locked in at 7.5. Is there any need to lower the TA? She wants to, but I told her there's not need to if her pH stays where it appears to be staying. If pH rises, the TA will drop when I lower the pH anyway. Vinyl pool, SWG, CYA 70...
  2. GreatCanadian

    Happy 4th of July !!!

    Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish our neighbor's south of the border a safe and happy Fourth of July!! Have fun, stay safe, and for those of you on the eastern seaboard, watch out for Arthur!! GC EDIT: Hey mods! I meant to post this in the coffee bar. How I posted it here is beyond...
  3. GreatCanadian

    Link for PoolMath

    Hijack! Topic split off. Please do not hijack other people's topics. Doing so can result in your account being banned. JasonLion Your link to PoolMath - first time I've seen it. Is it the same as pool calculator? Or it IS pool calculator with a new name?
  4. GreatCanadian

    My SWG requires 4500 ppm

    This side conversation was removed from here. JasonLion My SWG requires 4500 ppm (yes, you read that correctly). Using pool calculator I add the required amount of salt. I never test. As long as the SWG reads green, I assume it likes the salt level. On the rare occasion that I reads low...
  5. GreatCanadian

    Heat Pump LP code

    Hello all, and welcome back for another swim season!! Bought my AquaPro Pro500 in August of 2011. Has worked flawlessly since then. Until now! I set up my pool this past weekend and hooked up the heat pump yesterday after work. Turned it all on. Digital gauge shows water temp of 13 degrees...
  6. GreatCanadian

    Combining sand with Zeo

    Hi all, A few years ago I could not find sand for my new sand filter, so ended up using zeobrite. Then last year, I had a multiport issue and lost some zeo. I need to top up my filter, and was considering topping up using regular pool filter sand. Is there any harm in combining zeobrite and...
  7. GreatCanadian

    Trichlor and no CYA

    Starting a friend on the BBB method. His pool is in its second season and he has used only Trichlor for sanitizing. Tested his water today: CYA = 0 CL = 5 CC = 0 TA = 30 CH = 50 PH = 6.8 What is it with the CYA. Ran the test with 3 different water samples. Started to wonder about bad reagent...
  8. GreatCanadian

    8 year old pool snob?

    My 8 year old daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks, and she's decided to have a pool party. She just said "Dad, a couple of hours before we get in the pool I'll have to test the pH. Don't want my guests eyes to sting".
  9. GreatCanadian

    R-0600 reagent

    Hi folks. Looking to order a vial of R-0600 from the following website in Canada, but can't find it. Does anyone know if it's numbered differently? Thanks. Here's a link to the website: GC
  10. GreatCanadian

    How to add DE to sand filter? - no skimmer

    My skimmer is totally separate from my filter setup. How can I add DE to my sand filtef? Searched but could not find. GC
  11. GreatCanadian

    Aqua Broom and Sand

    Bought a Catfish vacuum in August of last year. It will now only hold a charge for a couple of minutes. So I'm going to pick up the Aqua Broom on the way home from work this evening IF someone can answer this question before quittin' time! Can the Aqua Broom pick up sand - regular sand like...
  12. GreatCanadian

    Attaching solar blanket to straps

    Hello folks. Just set up my solar cover reel, and was about to attach the blanket to the straps. Instructions say to attach using the plastic screws and attachment plate. The plastic screws were missing from the kit. Does anyone have a suggestion of how I can do a custom job? I would like to get...
  13. GreatCanadian

    Borates and Exzema

    Hi all, This past summer was my first season with borates. One of the things I noticed was that my 4-year old daughters exzema practically totally cleared up. When the season was over in September, the dry itchy scaly skin returned. We took her out of fall swimming lessons at the local pool...
  14. GreatCanadian

    Heart rate monitor and swimming

    Hi folks. I have no idea what category to post this in, so I put it in everything else. I have a heart rate monitor that I wear when exercising. It is the Polar FT7. It is supposed to work underwater (swimming). As soon as I enter the water the watch loses communication from the transmitter...
  15. GreatCanadian

    Dark specks in one corner of pool

    Could these possibly be algae? My numbers are: FC=5 CC=0 TA=70 pH =7.5 CYA=50 FC has never fallen below 3. These specks are confined to one corner of the pool. They are black or a very dark brown and very difficult to pick off with a fingernail. They do not feel the least bit slimy at all...
  16. GreatCanadian

    Service factor Intex pump

    Does anyone know the service factor number of the Intex 2650 pump? I can't find it on my pump anywhere. It's a 0.95 hp. Thanks. GC
  17. GreatCanadian

    Starting on borates. Help confirm calculations.

    Plan to try the borates this weekend, and would like to confirm my calculations before starting. Here are my current levels: CYA 50 TA 70 FC 5 CC 0 CH 30 ph 7.2 I plan to raise borates to 30 this evening and up to 50 tomorrow. For my 8,000 gallon pool I have calculated (using Pool Calculator)...
  18. GreatCanadian

    Should I dial back heat pump for a few days?

    Hi all, It looks like the weather for the next 3 or 4 days will not be conducive to an after-work dip. Just wondering should I dial back the heat pump for the next few days, or leave it as is to maintain heat. Would it be cheaper to turn it back, then heat up again when the weather clears? Or...
  19. GreatCanadian

    pH stuck at 7.2

    Hello all, Test results Friday, CYA 50 (may be a touch more - tested after 5 days) TA 70 FC 5 CC 0 CH 30 ph 7.2 I wanted to up the pH as it's been staying at 7.2, with children in the pool very often, and one of my returns pointed to the surface. I added 28 oz of borax to raise the pH to 7.5...
  20. GreatCanadian

    Requesting help with CYA reading

    Hello everyone, I set up my pool exactly 2 weeks ago - 8000 gallons. Added 63 ounces of stabilizer expecting it to raise my CYA to 60. My reading a week ago indicated a level between 30 and 40. Today's reading shows close to 30. Have I miscalculated what 63 ounces should do to my pool? Thanks...
  21. GreatCanadian

    HELP!! Intex multiport problem!!

    Good morning. I had my pump on circulate last night for a 4 hour cycle which meant it would shut off some time during the night. This morning I went to turn on the pump and heater for the day, and switch the multiport valve to filter. After switching the valve to filter the water runs out of the...
  22. GreatCanadian

    Cutting a liner for new intake and return. With pics.

    I have a new Summer Escapes pool (see sig). If any of you have a pool like mine you will know that the included pump and filter system is very inadequate. I already had an intex sand filter, so I cut new intake and return holes for the sand filter, leaving the included pump set up as intended...
  23. GreatCanadian

    Acceptable salts?

    Was shopping for salt for my pool today. 11 bucks a bag for pool salt!! $4.29 for Windsor System Saver 2. There was no indication of any additives on the bag, but I want to be 100% sure that it's ok before I buy it. Any opinions? Here's a link. It's the first one...
  24. GreatCanadian

    Imperial or U.S. gallons

    My pool is 8112 gallons (that's what's written on the box). I am assuming that is U.S. gallons. I purchased the pool in Canada, and am wondering would the boxes be labelled in Imperial gallons. Need to be certain when using Pool Calculator!! Anyone know for sure? Thanks. GC
  25. GreatCanadian

    Summer Escapes Pro Series 13"x22" rectangular questions

    This is not the pool I wanted, but it is the one I bought. It's quite difficult to find pools of this size in my area, and this is all I could get. Could not risk not having a pool for the girls when the weather warms up, as I gave away my old smaller one. Had my father-in-law who is 4 hours...
  26. GreatCanadian

    Steel pool as a saltwater pool?

    Had a 12' round pool last year. Gave that to my brother-in-law as my girls have outgrown it. My preferred pool of choice now is the Intex Ultra Frame 12'x24'x52" (if I can get it here in Canada-any ideas?). However, cannot find that pool and am starting to worry that I may not have a pool for my...
  27. GreatCanadian

    Where to buy Intex 12x24

    Hello folks, Well, the season is over here in Newfoundland. My oldest daughter has outgrown our current pool, and I will be buying a new pool for next year. I bought a heat pump, SWG, and sand filter this year (talk about overkill for a 12 foot round pool) so all that's left to get is the pool...
  28. GreatCanadian

    Hartford Loop

    Hi all, I have an AquaPro Pro500 heat pump with perhaps the worst user manual of any product ever produced. The manual states that I should have a Hartford loop in the plumbing. I have some idea of what a Hartford loop is, but not entirely sure. Can someone please describe it to me, and more...
  29. GreatCanadian

    Intex pump: Uprated or full rated?

    Hello all, I was trying to find some information on the Intex 2650 pump (the one that comes with the sand filter), specifically if it is full rated or uprated. I can't find this piece of info online or in the manual. Thanks in advance for any help. GC Edit: Forgot to mention, it's a 0.95...
  30. GreatCanadian

    Is my PH low or high?

    Hi all, My phenol red test results are orange. The color guide shows colors yellow and then into purplish/pink shades. So is my reading above the pink, or below the yellow? I have a tf-100 test kit on the way, but in the meantime I'd like to know if it's high or low. Thanks.