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  1. mzuri

    Who is correct? Taylor Salt PPM vs Hayward Chlorinator PPM

    HI, New SWG build 'professionally' retrofitted in February- the cell is vertical with hump side up, followed by the flow switch. I just started the pool last week. I brought up the pool to 3200 PPM tested by the Taylor K-1776 however the Hayward T15 SWP persistently read 2600 PPM. Checke the...
  2. mzuri

    Pool Panel Wiring Question

    Breakers: Siemens 40A GFCI at House Panel & 20 A GFCI at Hayward PL Subpanel Current Wiring: Does this look right? Specifically, with regard to the neutral path: House Panel: Incoming Service Neutral - House Panel Neutral Bar - Pigtail to GFCI-Load Neutral Out to chlorinator subpanel...
  3. mzuri

    SWCG- Cable routing and sensor mount

    Hi Which saddle tee do I use to mount a temperature sensor ( 3/8" drill size hole ) on 1 1/2" PVC. Any tips or build pictures? Which 1/2" NPT strain relief do I use that is narrow enough for the RS485 cable to waterproof it? Can I piggyback it with the 220V cable in the liquid-tight conduit...
  4. mzuri

    RS-485 Connector - Help me identify source this

    Hi Help me source this connector, please. Its a 4 terminal removable block on Hayward VSP and Jandy. I have googled high and dry without finding it and am loathe to wire up using maybe crimp connectors with the high voltage around. Thanks
  5. mzuri

    Retrofit SWCG on 1.5" Questions

    Hi All, Noob questions. I have inherited this 1.5" pipe system and planning a retrofit Hayward SWCG which is a 2" system with a Pro-logic PL4 control panel . My pump pad system and planned SWCG insertion into the return is shown. Questions: 1. Does this look right? 2. Flow sensor plumbed...
  6. mzuri

    Pump dead - water in electrics - Help!

    I have learned everything on this wonderful forum since becoming a pool owner 2 years ago. Thank you. My pump died in the recent rains despite the GFCI breaker. Water in the electric section. The pump itself was dry under the cover and there was water only on opening the electric section...