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  1. Wobblerlorri

    Well, its genuinely WINTER

    Two cold fronts came through, dropped temps into y the 30s, and wrung every bit of moisture out of the air in the form of SNOW!! I've never seen it snow this early in the season. We usually see our first snow (if we get any at all) in January, and chances of snow run thru March. I once saw it...
  2. Wobblerlorri


    We're deep in preparations for tomorrow -- cornbread for dressing is cooking, apple pies are being prepped, pecan pie (mine!!) Is ready to go, Sister Schubert Dinner Rolls are in the freezer, yams and marshmallows and pecans ready to be turned into yam casserole, and Mr Turkey is thawing nicely...
  3. Wobblerlorri

    Share your Pool floatie pics!!

    My next project for 3D Design is to make a body part and relate it to something in your life. I'm making a sculpture of my leg and foot, then breaking it at the ankle, to represent my broken ankle. I want to connect it to the pool by painting the sculpture with pool floatie designs and colors...
  4. Wobblerlorri


    Our latest project in 3D Design was a scale model of an object that held meaning for us. I picked my pool! And here it is, a 1:14 scale model of my 14 foot AGP. The pool itself is 1 foot across. And yes, my liner really is camo patterned on the outside, in those exact garish green colors! I had...
  5. Wobblerlorri

    TFTestKits has refills on sale thru Nov 1

    Like it says. The TFTestKits kit refill is on sale through November 1st for 20% off the regular price! That's $39 and change. Super deal! I've already snapped mine up! TF-100 on sale!
  6. Wobblerlorri

    She's Closed For Winter

    Welp, we closed the pool today. Just came off a SLAM a week ago, so we brought it up to SLAM level and added poly 60, circulated for an hour. DH moved ladder to the center of the pool, and tied the pillow to that and to the sides to anchor it. Installed the Gizzmo in the skimmer. I helped DH put...
  7. Wobblerlorri


    In July I ordered a 19" sand filter from, which is a discount storefront for Doheny's. $199, free shipping. It's been backordered since then. Finally got the shipping confirmation today! Watch it be four more face masks...
  8. Wobblerlorri

    SLAM and Filter Pressure

    I'm finishing up a SLAM and just wanted to remind everyone to keep an eye on your filter pressure. My son came in from swimming one night and announced there was a ring of green all along the bottom of our AGP, as well as "lots" of algae around and under the steps. Since I'm still laid up with...
  9. Wobblerlorri

    Skimmer sock in pump basket

    Still waiting for my sand filter to get here (dang Covid), and wondered if you put a skimmer sock on the pump basket? My new pump has a pump basket, and I was just curious.
  10. Wobblerlorri

    I knew it! SLAM in process!

    I've had a gout attack for the last two weeks, and DH Mike has been taking care of the pool as best he can, but he's not as assiduous about it, because he doesn't use it. No one takes as good care of your pool as YOU do! So now I have algae spots in my pool! So it's time for a SLAM. Started it...
  11. Wobblerlorri

    Moving up to 1 1/2 inch

    This fall I'm planning to upgrade to 1 1/2 inch flexible pvc on my new pump and filter. I have the fittings for the pool, but not sure what I need to connect everything to the pump and sand filter. Can I get a list of bits and bobs I'll need for this project?
  12. Wobblerlorri

    Can't vacuum

    I'm having a rheumatoid arthritis flare in my ankles and can't hobble around the pool to vacuum daily (I have a large oak tree which drops immature acorns in the pool every darn day). Will my pool be okay if I vac it once a week? I managed it yesterday. My test results are FC 7.0 CC 0 pH 7.5 TA...
  13. Wobblerlorri

    16" or 19"?

    I've got a 1 hp pump coming. Should I use a 16" sand filter or a 19" sand filter with it? Or bigger? I'm not understanding the Pool School article on sizing your filter.
  14. Wobblerlorri

    Talk about getting pool stored...

    There is no chlorine to be found anywhere in Bremen, GA and I've got three jugs from last year left. Our of desperation I emailed the local pool store to see if they had liquid chlorine. Oh yes indeedy do, they said. Gallon jugs of 10% chlorine, they said. $6.95 a gallon, they said. Nope, I...
  15. Wobblerlorri


    Anyone ever heard of this place? Vincial | Swimming pool search They seem to have lots of equipment at good prices. In fact, everything costs about $60 - $70. I ordered a 19" sand filter from them, so we'll see what happens. Might turn out to be a good resource for the budgetarily challenged.
  16. Wobblerlorri


    I has it!! Lowered pH to 7.2, raised FC to 20 ppm, brushed the offending sites. When generic SLAM is done, I'll raise FC to 29.4 per the FC/CYA chart by ChemGeek and hope it's GONE!!
  17. Wobblerlorri

    What size sand filter?

    I just pulled the trigger on a 1 hp single speed pool pump, because NO WAY can I ever afford a VS pump for my little 14' pool. I have a 12" sand filter on the current 0.5 hp pump, but I know I'll need a bigger one for the bigger pump, won't I? What size sand filter should I get? Is there a range...
  18. Wobblerlorri

    Sight glass

    My pump/filter didn't come with a sight glass, so I really have no way to visually inspect the water to see if I'm done backflushing. I'm wondering if I can install something like this...
  19. Wobblerlorri

    Floating white specks?

    My son came in from swimming last night and said there were floating white specks in the water. I did an OCLT last night and this morning before the sun was on it, had a 0.5 FC loss and 0 CC. Is that acceptable or do I need to do a SLAM? I looked at the pool last night and today, didn't see any...
  20. Wobblerlorri


    After the last update, I went to change the pool temp and when I clicked "new log" it said I had to subscribe. So I clicked on Subscribe and PoolMath closed. I brought it back up, clicked Subscribe from the hamburger menu, and the same thing happened. So I relaunched PM, went into the hamburger...
  21. Wobblerlorri

    Just jumped in

    I've been waiting a month or more for the water to be warm enough to swim. It was 85 two days ago with the solar cover on, but too late in the day. So I got in today! Temp was 79, but the shock wore off in a few seconds. I swam a couple of straight line laps across the pool (14 feet each way)...
  22. Wobblerlorri

    Pool ladder pads

    Are the pads you put under the feet of a pool ladder or steps really necessary? Or are they just algae farms?
  23. Wobblerlorri

    Instructions for CYA test

    I've decided to switch to the TFTest CYA test because, quite frankly, it's easier than the Pentair test with the slide rod in the tube. Only trouble is, the TFTest kit doesn't come with instructions. Just the CYA view tube, the reagent, and the mixing bottle. How long do you let the solution...
  24. Wobblerlorri

    Plug second outlet?

    I have a 14'x48" round above ground pool, with one inlet to the pool and two outlets (out of the pool). If I'm using those backwards, please correct me! Anyway, I have a Hayward through wall skimmer, which takes up one of the ports that takes water from the pool. The corresponding hole in the...
  25. Wobblerlorri

    CYA in a Filter Bag

    I couldn't find my sock or panty hose I've used for CYA in the past, so I measured the CYA into a vacuum filter bag and hung that in the pool. After about 2 hours I went to check on it and squeeze the bag. To my surprise the CYA was fully saturated and I was able to squeeze it all out in about...
  26. Wobblerlorri

    Best way to use vacuum in skimmer

    Which is the better way to use a Hayward through wall skimmer in an above ground pool when you're hooking up a vacuum? Use the suction plate that comes with the skimmer or shove the hose down the skimmer's throat? I just got to thinking about that...
  27. Wobblerlorri

    Check Your Hoses

    We're filling our above ground pool right now, and I went out there to check its progress. I decided to put the thermometer back in, and immediately stepped into a rather extensive puddle around the edge of the pool. "OH NOES!!!" I thought. " A LEAK!!! " And right where it's hard to see/fix...
  28. Wobblerlorri

    How many gpm?

    As you can see by my siggy, I have a 0.5 hp pump sitting about 6 ft away from the pool. I think it has zero head; at any rate, the top of the sand filter is about level with the outlet for the pool. Maybe 1 to 2 feet higher than the actual pump. What I'm wondering is, how many gallons per minute...
  29. Wobblerlorri

    Water Tech Pool Blaster battery powered

    Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vac | Water Tech™ Official Corporate Site Has anyone with a small (14x48") above ground pool tried this thing? How did you like it? I've ordered one off eBay for the little acorns that start falling about mid-July... they were the bane of my existence last...
  30. Wobblerlorri

    The Great Cleanup

    Here's a before pic of my poor pool This is after hubby Mike started a siphon and let it drain all night. It was up to the top of the brown ring. I hope a weak bleach solution will get the stain off the liner! We have to find the drain adapter that will let us attach a hose to the drain...