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  1. DaveNJ

    Equipment shift

    I have two equipment pads, heater on one, filter and pump on the other. These are precast pads used when the pool was installed in 2005. Noticed this spring that the pad for the filter has sunk almost a 1/2". Given the heater and plumbing coming out of the ground hasn't presented a problem...
  2. DaveNJ

    Thinking of my DW

    My wife (best friend) of 30 years passed last month. I was with her 24 hours a day for 3 months, which I am thankful for. I don't post to often, but check in a couple of times a day. It is more like therapy for me. Reading all the posts from the regular crew seems like old friends. Three of...
  3. DaveNJ

    Lunar Eclipse

    Happened to be up and crystal clear night, second one I've seen.
  4. DaveNJ

    Recall Cantilever Umbrella

    Anyone with a newer Bed Bath & Beyond Umbrella should check the recall link. Safety First!
  5. DaveNJ

    Spending more time on TFP

    With the cold weather and rain almost everyday I'm spending more time on TFP. That's fine, but the only time at the pool is to check things, between rain storms. :rant: Does anyone have some nice weather to send this way. :cheers: Rant :blah: over!
  6. DaveNJ

    Composite Deck Recall

    For people with composite decking the link is worth looking.
  7. DaveNJ

    TFP growth

    The number of posts and members is really taking off. The direct, accurate, honest answers to peoples questions by all the knowledgable contributors here has made this site a stand out on the net. Kudos to everyone involved. :goodjob:
  8. DaveNJ

    Railing removal

    Last season I had a heck of a time removing my railings. Fought with them for quite awhile. When I installed them this season I coated the cups, railing bottom, hardware with wheel bearing grease. This year they slid out nice and clean.
  9. DaveNJ

    Northstar pump lid

    I get air in the pump on low speed, seems to be ok on high. I replaced the T ring gasket in the lid. The lid doesn't fit as tight as it did when it was new. I am thinking of getting a pressure test o-ring and trying that. There is quite abit of flexing in the pump lid when switching between...
  10. DaveNJ

    Autopilot time problem

    My DIG-220 doesn't keep the correct time. Nothing in the manual or site. Before I rip into it, has anyone experienced this. Maybe the internal battery. Thanks, Dave
  11. DaveNJ

    Refills and PS234

    duraleigh, I have a PS234 kit and got replacement kit from you. Thanks for stepping up on kits. The instructions for PS234 does not list chemicals the same. This maybe of interest to some. PS234 FAS-DPD #1 = R-0870 DPD POWDER FAS-DPD #2 = R-0871 FAS/DPD CHLORINE TEST FAS-DPD #3 POTASSIUM...
  12. DaveNJ

    Grill with skill

    What happened to the sister site link. I use to jump there from the home page. Have to make another bookmark.
  13. DaveNJ

    My pool

    Finally found a picture the PB took when it was finished (2005).
  14. DaveNJ

    Pressure Gauge tested

    Closed the pool and took the pressure gauge to work and had a lab. check it out. Plotted the results 10psi=9.9, 20psi=19.6, 40psi=38.5. Pretty cool tracable to NIST, measurement equipment .25% accuracy.
  15. DaveNJ

    Dishwasher review

    We had to get a new dishwasher a couple of months ago. The DW’s only input is that she wanted the quietest one available. We use it at least once a day. Bosch Senses water and adjusts wash time on how dirty the water is. – It seems to do this pretty well. No drying element. – Water is...
  16. DaveNJ

    Birds Eye View

    If you go to link attached and enter your address then navigate to "Birds eye view" you be amazed. The site has great shots of four different directions. Taken by aircraft, allot more detail than satellite images.
  17. DaveNJ

    Swamp/Silver Maple seeds

    I've noticed that there are no seed pods/helicopters this year. My pool fills with them from a neighbors tree. I don't see any on the tree. False sense of security, I'll probably get nailed in a couple of weeks.
  18. DaveNJ

    main forum page

    The main forum page doesn't upadate posts, stuck on friday. The individual sections come up ok.
  19. DaveNJ

    Whole house water filter

    I have been looking at whole house filter systems. They all make great claims, but I'm skeptical. Anyone have experience or info on what system actually works well. I have city water. You might have seen Toms River in the news for cancer clusters and super fund sites. Thanks Dave
  20. DaveNJ

    1000 users!

    Just noticed the site hit 1000 registered users. Congrats SeanB. Dave
  21. DaveNJ

    Garage floor coating

    I am in the process of building a garage. If anyone has experience with floor coatings please share. The site listed is one I am considering. Thanks Dave
  22. DaveNJ

    Hayward Northstar part

    I get air in the pump on low speed. The pump cover is very easy to remove compared to last year. I just checked the pool store for a new pump cover gasket for it. They tried to tell me the lid is sold as one unit $81.00. No thankyou. Checked on line and the cover with attached T-gasket is...
  23. DaveNJ

    Swim spa

    My sister in-law is having an h2x put in, anybody familiar with it. Curiosity has gotten the best of me. For what they want to do it should fit there needs. Should of posted this in pool and spa build! Thanks, Dave
  24. DaveNJ

    Backwash setup

    I got around to finishing my backwash setup. The pop up is for downspouts, the wifes find. Seems to work pretty well.[/img] [/img]
  25. DaveNJ

    CarlD Solar Info

    CarlD, My sister in-law is having a AG installed in Maryland. Could you give me some info on your solar deck system. I was telling her about it, after seeing your photos and comments on Poolforum. They want to use there pool (lap pool) year round. Thanks, Dave
  26. DaveNJ

    PoolPilot Check Cell

    Started up the pool about a week and half ago. Have been getting a Check/Clean Cell message. Cell looked clean. Cleaned it with acid mixture anyway. Checked tri sensor, looks good. Checked all connections. PoolPilot readings: temp. 83, power level 3, 29v - 5.7amps, 35%, salt 3000ppm Test kit...