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  1. DeRooZoo

    Flying, Stinging Pests

    I've been reading some of the older posts (some from a few years ago) on wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. I will definitely be trying out some of the traps and solutions I found there. YouTube is full of suggestions as well. I do have a question... we have an AG metal frame pool and I've...
  2. DeRooZoo

    The Importance of Being Level

    Going to post this here in the hopes of preventing someone else to run into the issue we had with our setup. Not an issue with the pool, but an issue with how we interpreted the instructions. In other words, don't be rushed and make mistakes like we did. We got a 9x18 above ground metal frame...
  3. DeRooZoo

    First-Time Pool Owner... hello from Wisconsin

    We are the De Roo Zoo... 4 humans and 3 dogs who all love to swim. We just put up our very first pool in the back yard. 18x9 steel frame above ground pool. Looking forward to learning on this forum!