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    Use Trichlor Pucks for awhile?

    My pH is about 7.6, and Chlorine about 4.0. CYA is 20 or a bit less. Should I use Trichlor pucks for awhile instead of Liquid Chlorine to get the CYA higher? to 30 or 40? Thanks
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    Gosh, I Did Not Know There Were 10 Reasons To Go To Leslies... :)

    Gosh, there are 10 reasons to go to this pool store for your water testing. :) Leslie’s In-Store Water Testing - Why Come Into a Store? - Leslie's Poolapedia
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    Free new DE filter grids, 48 sq ft filter

    Brand new, Never Used. Free Pool filter grids, complete set for eight. Unicel FS-2004 Replacement Filter Grid for American, Hayward, Leslies, Pac-fab 7 Full + 1 Partial size Set 24 inch tall, for 48 sq. ft. filter. Jeff
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    Effects of adding a bit too much chlorine?

    What is the effects of adding a bit extra chlorine? For instance, with a CYA of 50, the nonSWG chart says FC of 6-8. So, say that for me, Pool Math suggests adding 107 oz of 10% pool chlorine to get me up to 8 ppm. What if I'm lazy and add a whole gallon, 128 oz, to get chlorine level to 9 ppm...
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    Water Guru

    Son signed up for Water Guru for his (my former) 28,000 gallon pool. He is some sort of tester, and gets $600 device, and 3 months of chemicals. It dispenses Cal Hypo in skimmer, along with muratic acid. I'm concerned with dispensing into the skimmer. Thoughts...
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    It's the Jandy 3-way suction valve leaking air

    Ok, this saga with fiancee's pool started with the return to the pool sending bubbles. Plus, when the valves were in pool mode, the return valve had to be shaded slightly off the spa return being closed. (The spa drain obviously was leaking when in pool mode.) So, I changed out the three...
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    New Intelliflo pump, Spa suction won't work.

    Fiancee's pool. 14,000 gallons. Solar and Spa. Three Jandy 3-way valves, one for suction, one for returns, one for solar/heater. Installed Intelliflo 011018 pump to replace Whisperflo 1 hp pump. After install, spa wont work on it's own. Pool works fine with suction and pool returns running...
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    2 1/8" pvc? Along with 2"?

    So, I'm trying to re-install the new intelliflo pump, so it rests on the concrete. I'm thinking much of the past air leaks is due to the pump weight being held by the input union, instead of the pump stand. In the process, I cut one of the PVC pipes. But the 2" couplings and 90 degree elbows...
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    Temp 1 1/2" PVC for SPA suction on 2" PVC pool ?

    Fianceee's pool. 14,000 gallon with Solar and Spa. Newly installed Intelliflo pump. Can't get the spa to hold suction, I think there is air getting into the lines somehow. Spa works for a few seconds, then filter pressure goes to zero. Just wondering if it's ok to run a temporary 1 1/2" PVC...
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    Replaced Old Whisperflo 1hp pump with Intelliflo, same problem

    Late today I replaced fiancee's old 1hp Whisperflo pump with Intelliflo 011018. 14,000 gallon pool with solar and spa. Pentair 425 sq ft cartridge filter. Background. I, very recently worked on on the suction Jandy 3-way valve that diverts suction from either the spa or the pool. There was...
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    Pool, Solar, Spa -- How to find the right speed for my new Intelliflo Pump

    This is for fiancee's pool. With Spa, Solar. And with HAL, Maytronics Dolphin, 300i. 14,000 gallons, old 1hp Whisperflow pump. New Intelliflo 011018 pump. So, for now, need: 1. Pool Speed 2. Spa Speed 3. Solar Speed I think the idea would be to experiment and get the "pool speed" the...
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    Whisperflo to Intelliflo pump conversion

    Purchased new Intelliflo 3 hp VS pump to replace Whisperflo 1hp. Are the intake and return connections likely in the same place on both pumps, so there won't be any PVC work? IE, just change the unions? Thanks Jeff
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    Check valve between pump and cartridge filter?

    My finacee's pool has a check valve between he pump and the filter. If I re-plumb that section sometime, is that check valve helpful? I'm adding a Intelliflo 011018 VS pump in the next week or so, as soon as it gets here from Las Vegas. Just wondering if that check valve is helpful, it looks...
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    Is my fiancee's pump trashed ??

    Financee last used pool two days ago, when she and friend went into spa. She totally knows how to operate the Jandy valves, and spa worked fine, and she put it back into pool mode. Noticed today that pool had a lot of debris on surface, like the Skim A Round had not worked. Pump won't create...
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    Extra Hayward DE Filter Grids -- 48 sq. ft.

    Anyone need a complete set of DE filter grids? They should fit both the Hayward DE 4800 and 4820 DE filters. And the Leslies versions of them. I'm converting to cartridge filter, and have one set that has only been in the filter a month or so. Second set was just discovered in my garage, and...
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    Replacing DE filter with a Cartridge Filter - what size?

    My pool has been losing water, and today noticed stream of water coming out of a split in the bottom of my DE filter. It's the Leslies version of Hayward 4800. Apparently Hayward does not make the bottom any more. So even though I have brand new filter grids (4800 and 4820) and found an extra...
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    Bubbles and Jandy Valve

    This is about two problems with my fiancee's pool. It's about 14,000 gallons, has single speed 1 hp pump for the pool, spa, and solar. 1. Three returns, there are bubbles coming out of the closest return, bubbles seem to happen both when solar panels are in use, and not in use. Pressure on...
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    High Chlorine and valid pH test

    How can can your chlorine level be and still get a reliable pH? Fiancee's pool FC is 8, pH shows almost 8.2, perhaps 8. Is the pH still valid at Chlorine 10ppm? When does the pH test become invalid? Thanks
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    Robots and Chlorine

    My understanding is that Dolphin recommends a max chlorine level of 4 ppm for it's robots. But looking at the CYA/Chlorine chart that level of 4 is virtually always exceed when looking at the Target FC. 1. So, folks with robots, how does that work for you? Just use the robot at your Target...
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    Have Copper pipes ONLY on the returns from Heater to Spa and Pool

    Fiancee's pool again, 14,000 gallons with spa and solar. House built in 1980, so pool is not any older than that. I did not even realize that pool had copper pipe, most of pipe near pump, heater, and filter is PVC, painted brown, and then black. Been talking about converting pool to SWG...
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    Fiancee's Numbers

    Pool Guy maintains her 14,000 gallon pool/spa every week with Liquid Chlorine and two floating pucks. He comes on Tuesdays, and here are readings five days later on Sunday, using TF=100 kit. Pool water is clear. FC 2 CC 0.5 TC 2.5 pH 8.2 TA 220 CH 425 CYA 80 Temp 86 Tap water has TA of...
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    Would a check valve keep my pump strainer from emptying back to the pool?

    I have my pool pump about 30 feet away from the pool skimmer. Everytime I take off the cover for the pump strainer basket, the pump drains back into the pool. I installed a check valve could I prevent this? Would the best place for the check valve be right before the intake into the pump...
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    Whoa, my CH is really low

    FC 3 CC 0 PH 7.5 TA 80 CH 100 CYA 30 But the Calcium Hardness is really really low. That might explain why the pool is losing plaster, and getting etched all over. But it has been for years, it has been 25 or 30 years since it was replastered. About to head over to Walmart to get 25 pounds...
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    TFTestKits is the Best

    I know many here already recommend TFTestkits. I've been using them for many years. I've neglected my pool for well over a year, just dumping chlorine bleach in due to sickness of my wife, and subsequent death. Well, turns out I kept buying the test kit refills. But the clear plastic box...
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    What Variable Speed Pool Pump do I need?

    I've been at the same house with a pool for 40 years. Upgraded my pool pump there 5 or so years ago to a Intelliflo VF, which I've been very happy with. No extra features, like spa or solar just a pool. Getting remarried, moving to fiancee's house, she has a inground pool, about 14,000...
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    Need Your Automation Suggestions

    After living in my current home for 40 years, I'm moving to live with my fiancee'. Current home of 40 years has a Intelliflo VF pump, and I just love it. There is just a swimming pool where I currently live, no other features such at solar or spa. My son is buying my current home. New home...
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    Getting Married, New House, New Pool

    After 40 years of being together, my wife passed away a couple of years ago. So, I'm getting remarried, and moving to her place. I've lived in the same home for 40 years, with a pool. No extra features, no spa, no solar system. Just a pretty big 28,000 gallon pool. Five or so years ago, I...
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    Did Aliens steal my CYA?

    Because of other stuff going on, I let my 28,000 gallon pool go farther than I thought this winter. Water was a very dark green, although not much leaves and debris in it, I've been vacuuming, and most, if not all, the leaves are removed. Still green for a long time even though adding a lot of...
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    Stranger Than Strange - or Chlorine Nirvana ?

    Through advice on this board, I've been adding bleach to my pool for the last year, instead of using 3" tabs. For some reason, the pool did not turn green this winter, perhaps partially that I did not neglect the chlorine level quite as much, and perhaps because I've had an intelliflo VF pump...
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    Fiber Clear vs. ZeoFiber ?

    I've been using Fiber Clear since last summer, and like it. In fact, I just for the first time since starting to use it, took out the filter grids and washed them, and they were MUCH easier to wash, than with DE. Just wondering if there is a difference between Fiber Clear and ZeoFiber. They...