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  1. Wobblerlorri

    Ignoring Pool When it's Closed

    I ignored mine last year and ended up with The Swamp Bog from Heck. This year we check it every week. So far, so good.
  2. Wobblerlorri

    What did you do to your pool today?

    I keep my FC at 7 during the season, and decided that 10 for the winter would be a good level, in case of any errant leaves and :poop: that might get in the pool (I cover, but you know how that goes sometimes). I check the FC once a week. Seems if the temp is above 55 for an extended period, I...
  3. Wobblerlorri

    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Mike and I are either 1B or 1C -- we're under 65 (I'm 63 and he's 60) but we both have underlying issues that would make Covid extra rough on us. Georgia's currently in Phase 1A. Ill post an update when we get vaxed.
  4. Wobblerlorri

    For us in the South (USA), how often do you clean/brush/etc. in the winter?

    I cover my pool, and have a leaf net over that. Clean the leaf net every two weeks, check FC weekly and add chlorine as needed, pump off the cover as needed. Only time the brush hits the water is to blend chlorine in -- ain't taking that winter cover off!
  5. Wobblerlorri

    Don't Forget About Amazon Smile and TFP...

    Siamese Cat Rescue Center is sadly defunct, so now I've switched to TFP as my Smile charity!
  6. Wobblerlorri

    Well, its genuinely WINTER

    Yeah, I'm about 10 miles from the Alabama border out I-20 West. We generally get some good snow most years -- a couple years back we got a foot of snow! Mike measured it! Our son Patrick was on the way home and got stuck on I-285, the circumferential interstate around Atlanta, and didn't get...
  7. Wobblerlorri

    Well, its genuinely WINTER

    Two cold fronts came through, dropped temps into y the 30s, and wrung every bit of moisture out of the air in the form of SNOW!! I've never seen it snow this early in the season. We usually see our first snow (if we get any at all) in January, and chances of snow run thru March. I once saw it...
  8. Wobblerlorri

    Newbie from Pensacola, Florida

    Pensacola! My old stomping grounds! Welcome to TFP! :wave: I suggest you read and to familiarize yourself with the TFP method and to help you pick a test kit -- we recommend the TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006C. Also check out Pool School while you're at it. Welcome again!
  9. Wobblerlorri


    We put on a dinner just for us three, and eat off it for several days. We used to all gather at DH Mike's mother's house for Thanksgiving, but she's 91 now and Mike's sister does a small do at her house and brings mom over there. We'd alternate TG between my grandparents and mother and Mike's...
  10. Wobblerlorri


    We're deep in preparations for tomorrow -- cornbread for dressing is cooking, apple pies are being prepped, pecan pie (mine!!) Is ready to go, Sister Schubert Dinner Rolls are in the freezer, yams and marshmallows and pecans ready to be turned into yam casserole, and Mr Turkey is thawing nicely...
  11. Wobblerlorri

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    You're welcome anytime to splash in the dinky Robinson pool! It's little but it's wet and cooler than 90° F!!
  12. Wobblerlorri

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    Kim, any progress on the New Pool front? Inquiring minds want to know!
  13. Wobblerlorri

    Share your Pool floatie pics!!

    My next project for 3D Design is to make a body part and relate it to something in your life. I'm making a sculpture of my leg and foot, then breaking it at the ankle, to represent my broken ankle. I want to connect it to the pool by painting the sculpture with pool floatie designs and colors...
  14. Wobblerlorri


    I got whatever the cheapest model was. I've had no problems with lumpiness or bumpiness, but then I don't have a pillowtop. My first one is a pillowtop, but my DH commandeered it when we moved to our present house (separate rooms, he snores and has the Jimmy legs). He ordered mine, but left out...
  15. Wobblerlorri

    Pool Disaster!

    Or use an app like Adobe Photo Resizer to crop and resize your images.
  16. Wobblerlorri


    I have a Sleep Number mattress I got in 2002, and I love it. No more aches and pains on rising, my back doesn't hurt, and I get the best sleep! When (if) this one wears out, I'll get another one immediately. Only with a pillow top. Sheer heaven. Oh, and I'm a side sleeper too.
  17. Wobblerlorri


    Yes, I've gone back to school to get a BA or BFA in Painting. This is 3D Design, one of the freshman core courses. It's the last one, in the Spring I'll move into junior level courses and actual painting! (I already have a BSci in Microbiology, so I transferred in a bunch of courses!)
  18. Wobblerlorri


    Our latest project in 3D Design was a scale model of an object that held meaning for us. I picked my pool! And here it is, a 1:14 scale model of my 14 foot AGP. The pool itself is 1 foot across. And yes, my liner really is camo patterned on the outside, in those exact garish green colors! I had...
  19. Wobblerlorri

    Add chlorine if water temp under 55F

    Use to calculate how much chlorine you need.
  20. Wobblerlorri

    2020 Bingo

    Freeze warning tonight for NW GA. About 3 weeks early...
  21. Wobblerlorri

    Winter Chlorine Dosing

    Otis, I'm in GA too. Put a cover and a leaf net on that puppy and you won't have to worry about dust and debris. I covered my pool and the FC only drops 2 ppm during the week. I bring it back up on Saturday and no algae (so far, knock wood).
  22. Wobblerlorri

    Winter Chlorine Dosing

    I have a cover on my pool, which practically removes UV degradation. I add liquid chlorine once a week and brush it around to disperse it.
  23. Wobblerlorri

    Is this dead algae? Pollen maybe?

    I agree with @JamesW -- mustard algae. Mine never grew in the walls, just in the floor and on the seams. Just like yours. Read the article James posted and don't forget to submerge all toys and equipment in the mustard SLAM water!
  24. Wobblerlorri

    Keeping DPD Powder powdery

    Always make sure your scoop is dry when you put it in the powder. Rinse off the scoop after using and dry. Keep the kit indoors in a relatively dark area, away from sources of heat or humidity. That's what I do, and my powder has always stayed dry LOL.
  25. Wobblerlorri

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    I sent them an email asking for more info... We'll have Kim in a new pool before she knows it!! :crazy::swim:
  26. Wobblerlorri

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    Another vote for rust reformer. I had several rust spots on my rails at the beginning of the season. Got some Rustoleum rust reformer and rust inhibiting top coat, took a wire brush to the rust then cleaned it, sprayed the rust reformer, let it cure overnight, then top coated it. Looks good as new!
  27. Wobblerlorri

    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    So sorry on the demise of your pool! 😢😢😣😣😠😠
  28. Wobblerlorri

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Started working on a 1/14 scale model of my above ground pool for 3D Design class. The hard part is converting decimals to 16ths of an inch. And cutting the paperboard square. Yes, I'll post a picture once the thing is done. The actual pool itself is ticking along fine, having closed it 3 weeks...
  29. Wobblerlorri

    TFTestKits has refills on sale thru Nov 1

    You can buy the FAS-DPD kit separately at It's about $20 or so. That's what I do when I run low. Just use the kit you have until it expires, then buy a new refill pack when it's expired.