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  1. DaveNJ

    Leaning toward SWG - have questions

    Balancing the pool water to the levels here (and borates) I use very little Muriatic Acid. Maybe once a month. Having the pool for 8 years I open (with bleach) and balance the water, then fire off the SWCG, test atleast twice a week. My routine not everyones.
  2. DaveNJ

    Equipment shift

    I have two equipment pads, heater on one, filter and pump on the other. These are precast pads used when the pool was installed in 2005. Noticed this spring that the pad for the filter has sunk almost a 1/2". Given the heater and plumbing coming out of the ground hasn't presented a problem...
  3. DaveNJ

    Starting up sand filter/ pump for first time...

    What is your water level? At least half way up the skimmer. Sounds like your sucking air into the skimmer (forms a vortex). All the valves on the suction and return side open?
  4. DaveNJ

    Two speed pump has air on low

    Have had the same issue for 5 years.
  5. DaveNJ

    Suggestions for best *reusable* CYA Skimmer sock

    Old panty hose. I use the some nylon sleeve for drainage pipe. Had a roll from a project and just cut a piece when I need it.
  6. DaveNJ

    For those in the North, when do you open?

    May, after the "helicopters fall" Mapple trees.
  7. DaveNJ

    Strong Chlorine Smell - Spa

    I had noticed this on mine also. I don't think the water circulates from the spa to pool very well. Every so often I turn the valves to empty the spa into the pool, then refill with pool water. Worked for me.
  8. DaveNJ

    Waterproof Sealing a 1/4" crack in concrete

    When I finished the basement we used Delta fl underlayment. Put the laminate on top of it buit the walls on it also. One of the boxs stores sells it. They don't know they do, showed up with the skew number and ordered it. ... cts/fl.php
  9. DaveNJ

    pool full of brachish bay water..what to do?

    CaptJoe I have salt test strips. PM me and I'll test it for you. I'm in Toms River.
  10. DaveNJ

    Is there a way to seal Sun Deck/ Kool deck? DIY job

    There is a sealent for Kooldeck. here's a link.
  11. DaveNJ

    Pool placement

    phonedave is correct about setbacks. In my area the setbacks would not allow me to place the pool from front to back on side of the yard. I got a Variance from the Zoning Board. This can be a long process and rather expensive (lawyer, aerial photos, registered letters to neighbors, etc,)...
  12. DaveNJ

    Parts for Autopilot dig 220 Power Circuit Board I can't find

    Re: Parts for Autopilot dig 220 Power Circuit Board I can't SinistrV6 it appears in your last photo that the capacitors have gone bad. The tops have opened up.
  13. DaveNJ

    When you aren't swimming, what are you riding?

    Have a 1975 Super glide, sitting behind my shed for 30 years. Should drag it out and work on it!
  14. DaveNJ

    Credit where credit is

    Amazon is going to start charging sales tax for 8 more states. NJ starts July 2013. I'm still going to be buying from them.
  15. DaveNJ

    Problem vacuuming to waste?

    Re: ? about vacuuming to waste with a sand filter. There is a picture of the top of my 6 way valve here. Hayward 310T pool-school/visual_encyclopedia Just noticed you can't read the settings. If no answers I'll check when I get home.
  16. DaveNJ

    other chemicals - harmful or just a waste of money?

    If you haven't read "Pool School" at the top of the page its a wealth of info. Get a good test kit, I have the TF100. For my setup I don't use any of the products you list. Once the water is balanced and monitored by you, pool life gets much easier.
  17. DaveNJ

    New pool build in GA

    Great pictures and pool. Have you gotten a good test kit yet. Read "Pool School" great info. My preference is to balance the water and use bleach until every thing is set, then fire off the SWCG.
  18. DaveNJ

    Hayward H250 "IF" Error

    Mine would blow out in wind gusts. I installed the optional high wind stack, problem solved for me.
  19. DaveNJ

    Run boost mode during the setup

    I never use boost mode on mine. I use bleach when I need to shock or keep CL levels up. Then let CL come down and use SWCG. I also get the water balanced before firing it off.
  20. DaveNJ

    Pump for 16x36 Grecian pool?

    My setup is similar to what your looking at. The pool has 2 skimmers, main drain, 4 returns, 2 step jets, 2 swim out jets. With the pump on high it moves alot of water. High speed is great for adding chems to the water or opening in the spring. The 500lb. filter runs at 22psi on high speed...
  21. DaveNJ

    Coldest you've gone in?

    JohnT and I are like minded. Once I get use to mid 80's when it gets to high 70's gets cold. The older I get the warmer I like it.
  22. DaveNJ

    Switching To Sand. What Size Would You Recommend?

    I have a 500lb filter, described at the bottom of my post. When I run my pump on low speed (most of the time) the filter pressure ia around 4psi. I do not have high bather loads, backwash about every 3-4 weeks. I do add some DE to it, also use skimmer socks. For my setup I would have liked a...
  23. DaveNJ


    Re: New Build New Jersey! The pipe cost from 1 /1/2 to 2 is minor. I would of went with a variable speed pump if they had them when my pool was built. I have 2 1/2" pipe, the problem with that is box stores don't carry 2 /12" pipe fittings.
  24. DaveNJ

    History of TFP in 1 minute

    June 21, 2007 Another good day for many people!
  25. DaveNJ

    SpeedStir bar not spinning.

    Re: SpeedStir bar not spinning Customer service said they had no complaints or inquiries on stir bar.
  26. DaveNJ

    SpeedStir bar not spinning.

    Had gotten my SpeedStir 3/10, and it didn't work. The stir bar just vibrated. I put a small button magnet in the vial and jumped all around, suggested the stir bar was bad. Customer service sent a new base unit and having me replace the batteries a couple of times. The new base unit did the...
  27. DaveNJ

    Cool Deck Paint Question

    This will be my sixth year with kool deck. It is not painted! They have a selection of colors that are available from kool deck. No paint needed. The link is to the manuf. of my kool deck.
  28. DaveNJ

    Thinking of my DW

    My wife (best friend) of 30 years passed last month. I was with her 24 hours a day for 3 months, which I am thankful for. I don't post to often, but check in a couple of times a day. It is more like therapy for me. Reading all the posts from the regular crew seems like old friends. Three of...
  29. DaveNJ

    Plannin a pool in MI.

    Welcome to TFP. A fist full of knowledge before you start is the way to go. If you post what your considering for equipment, plumbing, etc., you will get some great advice. Photo's of the build are great.
  30. DaveNJ

    Sounds like I should cancel the Nature2 and go SWG

    I have a SWG and like it with no problems for 5+ years. Wether you go BBB or a SWG setup the key is keeping your water balanced. Doing your own testing with a good test kit will make life easier. Over time you get to know what you need and when, without really thinking about it. Manage the...