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  1. JJ_Tex

    My COVID Story

    This has absolutely nothing to do with pools, but I am writing this to share our COVID experience over the last 2 weeks in case it may help others. I realize that this is a very small sample size of the entire COVID population, but is our real firsthand experience with COVID...
  2. JJ_Tex

    Heating for Christmas - how long

    We are toying with the idea of heating the pool for christmas. I know the spa goes up about a degree a minute, but I have no idea about heating the pool. Is there a calculator or formula I can use to figure out when to start heating? My pool is 13.5k gallons and we have a 400k btu natural gas...
  3. JJ_Tex

    How to drain a pool after heavy rains?

    I have: 1. An overflow drain that will drain water to the deck drains and eventually to the yard/street that keeps the pool from overflowing 2. A backwash pipe that leads from my filter to the sewer. This is mainly used for backwashing, but you can also use it to drain water if you are...
  4. JJ_Tex

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Thank you for your service and hope you have a nice relaxing day by the pool.
  5. JJ_Tex

    Anyone had the 'rona?

    The kiddo (15) woke up this morning with a 101 fever and we let him stay home from school and went to doctor this morning. He tested negative for strep throat, so the doctor said he gave him a 50/50 shot of it being COVID. By this afternoon his fever was barely registering ~99 after meds wore...
  6. JJ_Tex

    Cleaning tile

    Last weekend I was low on calcium so I added 5lbs (now regretting that a bit) to get my csi less negative. This weekend I’m noticing a bit of film on the tiles. It’s not really crusty build up like I have seen in some posts. Do I clean it with pumice stone, MA, something else?
  7. JJ_Tex

    FC usage and air/water temp

    As we are wrapping up the dog days of summer, I've noticed an uptick in posts where people have dropped below their minimum FC level or had some algae issue and they all throw in "because it's hot". Does water temp or air temp have any bearing on your FC usage? My assumption is FC usage is...
  8. JJ_Tex

    Houston and Louisiana TFPers - double whammy storms

    Looks like you will be getting a one two punch from Marco the Laura early this week. Make sure your pool is part of your preparation plans. Outside of those on the immediate coast, the main concerns appear to be flooding rains and power outages. Make sure you are ready, including having...
  9. JJ_Tex

    Apple Watch Swimproof and connect to Intellicenter?

    My 4 year old fitbit is nearing end of life and I'm trying to plan for its replacement. Do the AppleWatch users have any complaints with it being "swimproof" and actually swimming with it on a regular basis? Also, I see that I can get the pentair intellicenter app on it. Is it just like...
  10. JJ_Tex


    I know I have been under a lot of stress at work and could be seeing things, but I swear I just had a pop-up when I clicked on "What's new". I was working on my other monitor and caught it out of the corner of my eye. I'm pretty sure it was a personalized message to me, from someone in TFP...
  11. JJ_Tex

    FC/CYA Chart - Easier to read

    The FC/CYA chart is simple and easy to read for most of the posters, but I have seen several posters recently mis-read the chart. Mainly targeting the "Minimum FC" as their goal for some reason or being scared to go above the upper limits of the target FC levels. Since that chart is...
  12. JJ_Tex

    Costco Pool Noodles - Splitting

    This spring we got 2 of the bigger Costco pool noodles and both splitting at the seams. I was really thinking a dang $40 pool noodle would last a few years, no just a few months. I see them in tons of pools so I assume lots of people on here have them as well. Is your splitting as well and is...
  13. JJ_Tex

    DIY Exposed Pipe Outdoor Shower Plans?

    I'm looking to do a outdoor shower for fathers day next weekend. I have the perfect spot for it on the side of the house. It already had a deck drain in the right spot, and I had an underground faucet added right next to where I want. I'm not looking to do an enclusure at this time, just the...
  14. JJ_Tex

    Intellicenter losing connectivity with VSF and IC40

    Over the last 2 weeks this has become an almost daily thing. The pool is running fine and then all of a sudden it shuts off. I dont see any error messages on the Intellicenter Screen other than it has lost connectivity to the VSF and IC40. It is always both of them at the same time. I can...
  15. JJ_Tex

    Green stains on swimsuits

    My daughter and her cousin both have green stains on the white parts of their swimsuits after swimming all weekend. One other time my daughter has also complained about this. It is not all white parts, just certain areas kinda like something was spilled on it. The first time I just dismissed...
  16. JJ_Tex

    In Pool side table/umbrella holder

    My wife decided to stimulate the economy and picked up these 2 chairs today. Ideally we wanted the side table that doubled as an umbrella holder to put in between the chairs, but we discovered the ledge lounger versions of the table are meant to just go around an umbrella that is already setup...
  17. JJ_Tex

    Robot + hair

    We have a Pentair Prowler 930, which is the same as the Dolphin Active 30i and probably several other Maytronics models. I really like the way it cleans, except for one thing. Since we have started swimming this season (~2-3 weeks), I have already had to clean out hair that has tangled on the...
  18. JJ_Tex

    Clorox Calcium Hardness Increaser - Staining?

    So my calcium has always been a bit low and I have just managed CSI by letting the pH be a bit on the high end of 7.8 or so. With the new PoolMath update, it kept telling me my calcium was low (200) so when I was at Lowes this weekend I picked up a bag of calcium hardness increaser. It was...
  19. JJ_Tex

    New Pool Build - Is my sales tax deductible?

    Doing my taxes and its asking me if I had any "major purchases" in 2019. I usually only check yes for buying a car, but the pool was a pretty freakin big purchase in 2019. Can I write off the sales tax? (And yes, I'm asking a tax question on a pool site. I completely understand that this is...
  20. JJ_Tex

    Pre-dissolve CYA in a bucket?

    I need to add CYA to my pool to get it ready for spring/summer. I've seen many posts about the sock method and sure it works just fine, but my family thinks I'm weird enough without me trying to explain why I've tied a sock to my brush pole and go outside to squeeze it every so often. Is...
  21. JJ_Tex

    Pentair Rebates for new build

    I was checking out the Pentair website and noticed their rebates. Our pool was completed in October and all equipment was purchased by the builder and included in our total build price. I noticed that both the robot cleaner and pump have $100 rebates each. When I read the fine print is says...
  22. JJ_Tex

    Adding actuators

    I have a new pool with the Pentair Intellicenter + 2 Intellivalves. They work great for switching between pool and spa mode, but I still have to manually turn the valves for the other things. I've been toying around with the idea of adding actuators to the waterfall and/or tanning ledge...
  23. JJ_Tex

    Simple outdoor dimmer for string lights

    I added string lights to light up the spa/fire pit area of our backyard. It is a fairly simple setup, using an extra electrical outlet, a smart switch that will control on/off from my phone or Alexa, an extension cord along the fence to the tree, then the string lights are plugged into that...
  24. JJ_Tex

    Home Automation

    This weekend, I helped a buddy program his easy touch so now I have been dubbed the electronics guru. Tonight he called me wanting my advice on home automation. I really just know the basics, but I also don't want to give up my electronics guru this soon, so I figured I could ask here...
  25. JJ_Tex

    Intellicenter Programs for Dummies

    I've had my pool for a few months now, and I still have my pool on a very basic schedule. It turns on at 6:30am and off at 10pm, and it doesnt specify a pump speed so it defaults to the last speed I used. What I would like to do would be have it at various speeds during the day. For...
  26. JJ_Tex

    Ring Doorbell - Drill Bit Size

    This is a total long shot, but figured I would ask. We hare going to my mom's on Thanksgiving day, and she wants me to install a Ring Doorbell for her. Should be simple enough, with the hardest part being drilling into the brick. I have a few masonry bits of various sizes that I can take, but...
  27. JJ_Tex

    Freeze Protection and Scuppers

    This is my first winter with a pool and we are getting our first hard freeze of the year. I have the pentair intellicenter with freeze protection, which should kick on when the temps drop below 38 degrees, then cycle through pool mode and spa mode when freezing. My question is around the 3...
  28. JJ_Tex

    Added salt, CSI now -0.8 but I'm hesitant to add calcium

    New pool was filled 4 weeks ago, and we just added salt yesterday. I ran the full battery of tests this morning before I turned on the SWCG and my CSI is now a -0.80. My pool logs are updated and I have a few outliers: - TA is slightly low at 50, but it is keeping the PH in the 7's so I wasnt...
  29. JJ_Tex

    Pentair/Maytronics 930 - Control Panel will not light up

    On Friday afternoon the PB brought over my new robot. It a pentair branded maytronics 930. I put together the cart and sent it on its maiden voyage for a 1 hour cleaning. After about 45 minutes it stopped. I tried to turn it back on and the control panel would not respond, so I emptied the...
  30. JJ_Tex

    Featured Posts?

    Not an issue, but more of a question. I just noticed that some posts are marked as "Featured". Is that new, or was I just slow to catch them? What is the significance of a featured post?