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  1. surferbum

    CYA and alkalinity compensation

    I read that you should subtract 1/2 of your CYA measured value from your measured alkalinity. The resulting number is your effective alkalinity value. Is this true? If so does the TFP alkalinity range take this into account?
  2. surferbum

    what "trade" means (unchangeable field after the user entered % in Poolmath's FC sect

    what "trade" means (unchangeable field after the user entered % in Poolmath's FC sect Hi, Am unclear on what's the right way to enter chemical info for FC. I buy 10% chlorine from Home Depot (as shown on the jug label). Should I enter "10" in the fill form of Pool Math? I am confused what...
  3. surferbum

    Pool 6 months old - readings

    I have a 6 month old shotcrete pool and have been doing all my own maintenance after the PB initial startup. Water has stayed clear and no problems to report. The water here in Scottsdale is pretty hard (250-300ppm). Latest test results: FC - 5 is target TA - 100-110 CH - 400 CYA - 35 pH -...
  4. surferbum

    looking to add Salt Chlorine Generator to pool

    I am looking to add a salt chlorine generator to our pool. Have been doing the maintenance for the last 6 months and everything is fine but I have a few extended trips coming up and will add this bit of automation. I have read the threads here about the Pentair system. Am currently getting some...
  5. surferbum

    lower your total alkalinity - do I have an issue

    My TA measures between 110 and 120. When the pool is being used much, the PH might sometimes raises 0.1 between daily testing. Do I need to do anything to attempt to lower TA? I'm tending to not do anything but am unsure. If I need to lower TA, what is the best way to add the acid to lower the...
  6. surferbum

    Clairification on TA

    The Recommended Levels for TA says TA 70-90+ for plaster with Bleach. The card included with my TF-100 kit say 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools. My TA measures 110-120 ppm. Don't know why there is a difference in the recommended targets. Do I have any reason to do anything?
  7. surferbum

    CYA is high - Didn't want to highjack another's thread

    Just added water to pool 2 weeks ago and the PB did the initial startup. I am planning on using the TRFC system and here's where I stand: CYA is high but am getting still used to testing. I now have both the TF-100 kit and the ColorQ Pro-7 kit (I'm a gadget guy plus I wanted something...
  8. surferbum

    Solar panels for heating pool in Scottsdale AZ area

    Hi, I have read the threads here and many are 3+ years old. I am constructing a new pool and need some advice on solar heating panels. I will be purchasing the solar panels and have either the PB or solar panel company install. Have some questions: What commercial companies are the top ones...
  9. surferbum

    Please give me your feedback on a pool build & equipment

    I live in the Scottsdale, AZ area and am wanting to get the forum's feedback on a bid for a new pool. The spec's are: Perimeter 94' Surface area 435 sq ft Depth 3'6"-5'0" Gallons 13866 Step footage 39' Bench footage 16' Max. dimensions 33' x 14 The backyard has a stuccoed wall which is 7'...
  10. surferbum

    gone for up to a month question

    I plan to be gone for up to a month at a time from my house which has a Cal Spa Bel Air spa. A friend (who has a spa too) told me that his method in a similar situation is to shock the spa prior to leaving; turn off the spa; shock the spa on his return one month later. It seems to work for him...
  11. surferbum

    pool cover for a geometric pool in North Scottsdale

    Hi, I am planning on building a geometric pool (15 x 25) in North Scottsdale and want others experiences with pool covers. Specifically: What kind of cover did you use? Manufacturer/make and other facts about the cover including prices if you feel comfortable in doing so.[/*:m:2bljd4cm] Did...
  12. surferbum

    oh no! another shotcrete/gunite question

    In my area, the PB seem to either favor shotcrete or gunite when quoting the pool built. My 5-minute Internet Vulcan-mind meld has told me that shotcrete (as meant by the local PB) shows up wet at the job site having been mixed at the plant and subsequent drive. While gunite (as meant by other...
  13. surferbum

    Am spec'ing out my pool to PBers and want to option solar?

    I am shopping my pool needs to PB's and am planning on putting in an option for future solar-heating. I am putting the pool in North Scottsdale, AZ. There will be hardscape between the pool and my single-story house. Will put a cover on the pool when not in use primarily to reduce evaporation...
  14. surferbum

    20' x 60' area for a pool - Any links/pic geometric design

    I have a backyard total of 20' x 60' for a pool and hardscape. Wants list is a sports pool (3' to 5' to 3') with Baja steps (spa maybe). I have searched various sites and award winning photo portfolios but haven't been thrilled. Does anyone have some links pics of pools close to these wants?
  15. surferbum

    new pool - should i start simple?

    I am planning on putting a pool into a new house construction in North Scottsdale, AZ. There are so many possibilities that I'm juggling that I am taking a step back and thinking about simplifying the design with the eye towards future additions. I just got down reading 14 pages of SWCG...
  16. surferbum

    Pool safety & laws/ordinances in Scottsdale, AZ

    My understanding of the laws/ordinances governing pool safety in Scottsdale, AZ are the following: Doors: Self-close & latch @ 54" (all)[/*:m:26d8crop] Gates: Self-close & latch @ 54", opens outwards (all)[/*:m:26d8crop] Windows: Not required (Scottsdale) /// Latch @ 54", wire mesh screens, key...
  17. surferbum

    Does anyone have any experience with Desert Reflections PB

    Does anyone have any experience with the PB, Desert Reflections, in Phoenix, AZ? Thanks.
  18. surferbum

    Hello everyone. Never built or owned a pool but ...

    Hello everyone. Never built or owned a pool but found this website while doing research. Looked at a couple of other websites but this seems to be the best. Have bought a to-be-built house in north Scottsdale. The builder/developer allows some pool construction simultaneous with the home build...
  19. surferbum

    new pool buying startup

    Found the website and am glad I did. I have studied many threads about pool design and have learned alot. Never had a pool before but have had a spa for 10 years (if that matters :lol: ) I have bought a to-be-built house in Northern Scottsdale, AZ. There is a good view of some hills beyond the...