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  1. Azmp1

    descaler for winter

    Folks, any recommendation on the descaler brand to use for the winter?
  2. Azmp1

    Used CLR to remove scale

    Moved from here. I know this is an old thread, but wanted to post that I just used CLR as well to clean out the buildup on my concrete paver raised beam wall. It did the job great. Some of the CLR of course when I rinsed out the wall it went it to the pool. So I’m hoping the amounts are too...
  3. Azmp1

    Insulation and venting for an outdoor kitchen.

    Hello all, Ive started on the the outdoor kitchen build (here are some pics of where I’m so far) and one thing I still need to figure out is the heat insulation and venting. For venting I’m planning to install at least 2 sets of vents on each side of the kitchen, I think that should work ok...
  4. Azmp1

    Help with plaster cleanup!

    hey all, so last fall we finally had our winter covered installed on our two year old pool and the installers, when drilling the holes for cover fasteners into the raised beam never cleaned up all the dust that went into the water and I didn’t see it as they got the cover on before I noticed it...
  5. Azmp1

    Cleaning a metal stain

    Folks, a quick check, was using a metal brush to clean some calcium residue off a raised beam and didn’t notice few metal bristles falling into the pool. Stayed there overnight and just like that I know have rusty metal stains where the bristles landed onto the plaster. What is the best way to...
  6. Azmp1

    Using stand alone grill in kitchen island

    Hey folks, so I’m finally starting on my outdoor kitchen built, just purchased the frames from bbqcoach yesterday, as they’re running a nice 4th of July sale! So, now looking for new gas grill options. Because the built in grills are so crazy expensive, I was wondering, why wouldn’t I just be...
  7. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen under pool house overhang

    Folks, so my pool house is now about done, planning the kitchen under the overhang. The concern I have is the vinyl ceiling of the overhang overheating/melting/combusting when grilling. The ceiling is 9 ft high and as you can see below everything is open. The 2 grills I will have one gas and...
  8. Azmp1

    Connecting a heat pump to jandy aqualink RS

    Hey folks, getting the new pool going in the new house, just connected my new heat pump (Raypak), but for some reason can't get it started via aqualink RS remote. The relay fires off, but the heater won't start. Does start fine manual mode tho, so it's definitely a remote connection issue. I've...
  9. Azmp1

    Waste line out from the Pool House bathroom

    Looking for options folks... Just had couple quotes done for this and was quoted about 6k of T&M to run the drain (tie into the septic), run the water from the house and install an ejector pit/pump for the toilet. Quite hefty, but seeing some other quotes with 10-15k range, its actually looking...
  10. Azmp1

    Saving sod?

    Folks is it possible to save and replant sod? We've just bought a new house and about to embark on the new pool building adventure and I want to see if am able to remove the sod from the area pool is going to, roll it up and then replant in the damaged areas. The back lawn has such a beautiful...
  11. Azmp1

    Outdoor kitchen wood frame?

    Hi folks, how ok is it to do the wood frame for the outdoor kitchen and how big of an issue it is with wood expansion/contraction due to temp changes? Will the durarock lock it down pretty good and prevent it from moving? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Azmp1

    Loosing chlorine again..

    So I've been doing great for good 2 months or so since my last bout with algae and SLAMing. Keeping the FC levels right around 5-6ppm consistently. All before this last weekend. Quite a bit of pool use with quite a few adult and kids. I test on Sunday and get 1ppm. So I shock with 12% bleach and...
  13. Azmp1

    Helping out a friend - stains in the pool.

    A friend of mine bought a house with an old pool, not a horrible shape, plaster needs to be redone soon and needed a new filter, chlorinator, but otherwise decent. We finally got pretty much everything under control, his chemistry is good, but then he decided to get algaecide and just about next...
  14. Azmp1

    Alternatives for stainless steel storage drawers, doors, etc.

    I've been specking out my kitchen design and one thing I can't get over is how ridiculously expensive all the stainless steel components are... I can understand paying a premium for a quality grill/smoker/outdoor fridge (thank god I already have them), but paying hundreds and even thousands of...
  15. Azmp1

    The twelve most common myths in Pool-Water Chemistry

    Some very good read. Pretty much all of this been discussed here and I read here in various topics, but still some good info, all in one place. The twelve most common myths in Pool-Water Chemistry | PPOA Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Azmp1

    Couple post SLAM questions/concerns

    I successfully completed the SLAM process few days ago, couldn't be happier with the results. In the mean time as I'm waiting for CF levels to drop (still at 22.5ppm today and keeping the pool continuously open as we're finally getting sunlight today!), I decided to deal with my TA levels as I...
  17. Azmp1

    Latest bout with algae - SLAMMING!

    Have a thread going in SWG sub-forum and I thought i'd move the further updates into this section as its really about SLAM and chem at this point and most comments in that thread now is about chem and not about the SWG which turned out be fine (I think... will see when the chem is back to...
  18. Azmp1

    Taylor OTO chlorine testing

    Hey folks, So since I now switched to DPD-FOS testing, I have a good amount of OTO re-agents still left. So, im sure this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it by searching, so I will ask again. I know the OTO testing considered obsolete, but is it still considered accurate enough...
  19. Azmp1

    Aquapure SWG not making chlorine. Salt test/sensor accuracy?

    Hi folks, So I have a newly installed Jandy Aquapure 1400 (installed last weekend). All the lights are on as appropriate (flow, cell on/cell resting/cell reversing are sycling as appropriate.) No errors are being thrown at all. the only problem is that no chlorine is being produced as I'm...
  20. Azmp1

    Jandy watercolor a LED light stopped working.

    Hi folks, So I have two large Jandy water colors led lights in my pool, both were install as part of the build less 2 summers ago. So, as I opened my pool this week, I go to test the lights and immidialaty upon turning them on, the breaker trips (the lights are on their own GFCI breaker, only...
  21. Azmp1

    New gazebo install

    The pad (500 sq/ft) is all about done, the area on the right by the sunroom is a future spot for the outdoor kitchen. The pad will be acid stained to simulate natural stone appearance. Gazebo is a Costco 16x14.5 all aluminum unit. Also doing a stepping stone pathway that will wrap around...
  22. Azmp1

    Heat pump sizing for small temp increase

    Folks, please bear with me for a second here, I know its just about another thread about heat pump sizing.... Here's my dilemma. Because I have autocover and keep the pool covered between uses im typically able to keep the temps up well throughout the summer. Pretty much always above 80 all the...
  23. Azmp1

    Correct breaker box for heat pump.

    Hey folks, so I just ran the new 60amp service outside for the upcoming heat pump. Just picked up this box and its confusing the heck out of me. It's cutler hammer (eaton) 125 amp 4 spaces/8 circuits outdoor main lug. It's a 110/240 box, but in the specs it says single phase/single pole.... By...
  24. Azmp1

    Backed to the sunroom kitchen island placement.

    Hey folks, So I'm planning out my outdoor kitchen and one the options I'm considering is to maybe back the island (or at least the portion of it where the grills are going to be) to the exterior sunroom wall (vinyl siding). I'm thinking, I can install a fire/heat proof barrier behind that also...
  25. Azmp1

    My wife got skillz

    So the wifey decided to turn the little fence off around the pool equipment into a aquarium. I must say I'm impressed with the outcome. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  26. Azmp1

    My diamondbrite surface has always been rough

    My diamondbrite surface has always been rough since day one. its like a medium coarse sandpaper. I brushed like crazy for the first year and it never made any difference. my pH and Calcium levels are always right on target. When I asked the builder last year he told me it was normal for...
  27. Azmp1

    Glycol based solar heating system

    Getting some quotes before I decide to DIY the solar.... So I had one of the contractor come up and give me an estimate, I thought it was going to be a standard type solar, but turns out he only does closed loop glycol based system with glass/metal panels and metal piping, comes with its own...
  28. Azmp1

    Considering solar, so many questions

    So, I've decided to postpone the (gas) heater plan. Mainly due to the fact that I don't think I really need it. Auto cover really does a great job for keeping up the temps and i'm pretty much averaging only 1-2 degrees under the ambient, outside temp. For instance, all last week outside temps...
  29. Azmp1

    Installing valve actuator

    Hi all, Just received the Intermatic actuator for my sheer decent valve. Spent half an hour looking at my Aqualink rs control center and I'm not sure how to hook it up. I have Intake, return and solar JVA sockets all unused, but how do I assign one of them to use for what I need? And how do I...
  30. Azmp1

    Inconsistent alkalinity test results

    So yesterday, I decide to take a water sample to my local pool and spa shop (Sweetwater), mainly to see what my TDS numbers are. All results looked pretty much up to par with my testing (I use Taylor K-2005 kit) except the Alkalinity. I'm getting a result of 130 TA with my k-2005 (tested again...