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  1. CarolJ

    Intex 10'x30"

    Thought this small pool would be a cinch to keep up. Was I mistaken! First tried the pool store way with chemicals, only to have to drain it due to skim milk water - don't know if this was dead algae or what. Filled it up again using the BBB method. After finally getting control over the heavy...
  2. CarolJ

    Starting Over

    I couldn't control the cloudy water due to dead algae, so had to drain the pool. Temps here have been hovering around 105 degrees. So, I'm starting over using the BBB method, as well as purchasing a test kit from Walmart - the HTH 6-way test for now before I invest in the TF100, My pool of...
  3. CarolJ

    I'm not understanding the Pool Calculator.

    I'm not understanding the Pool Calculator.
  4. CarolJ

    Cloudy Water

    PH is very low and water is cloudy. Pool store is closed. Every other test is OK. Can I use baking soda?
  5. CarolJ

    Well Water

    We have well water that's extremely high in iron. Just purchased an Intek 10' x 30" pool with 530 pump/filter for the grandbabies. Total usable gallons is 1,018. My problem is the color the water is now the color of tea after use of Lo n Slo, and Shocker. Also just put in an oz of Algeacide...