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  1. Aeroknut

    Plaster Problem Gunite seeping

    Looking for help guidance from construction/ engineer specialists as it relates to an ongoing water problem. During construction our build was delayed several weeks due to excessive water seeping through the gunite (not up through weep holes, through the gunite) Eventually the builder was more...
  2. Aeroknut

    Waterfall Sheer Laminar flow breaks

    This just started after 6 months of running. It occurs at both lower and higher pump speeds. Probing w a thin shim does not reveal any blocks and the “break” seems to occur at one of the pre-fabbed internal supports that exist every 4” or so. Any ideas?
  3. Aeroknut

    Pebble Tec Pebble Sheen Rust Spots

    So, w/in a couple weeks of filling the pool a couple spots showed up. Look like little rust stars. Builder said it was normal and to fill a small bottle w muriatic acid and hit the spots w them. That worked real well. Now a couple weeks later I see 2-3X as many! This is very frustrating. To me...
  4. Aeroknut

    First Pool Construction

    Greetings. Sure wish we would’ve had this sight to reference before we started. I must be honest, the entire process was stressful and frequently disappointing resulting in us frequently having to compromise when it came to execution of our dream pool. Are my expectations unreasonable (do...
  5. Aeroknut


    Just finished my first pool. Happy to have found TFP but sure wish I would’ve found you before I started construction. Pool has been “open” for a few weeks now. So far so good. I will post my construction stories soon. Happy to meet everyone!