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  1. revitup

    Got myself a pH meter (Apera PH60)

    I always keep the PH60 probe stored in the manufacturer provided soaking solution as Apera recommends on their website. I have had no issues following that practice. "For Apera's other regular glass bulb pH electrodes (like the ones for PH700, PH60 and PH20), users can store the probe in the...
  2. revitup

    Got myself a pH meter (Apera PH60)

    I check PH (with the meter of course) when I do a full chem check. That frequency depends on the time of year and what I observe to be going on with my levels at the time. My PH varies very little normally so I tend to check it infrequently. I keep it soaking in the storage solution as that is...
  3. revitup

    Got myself a pH meter (Apera PH60)

    I’ve found that mine rarely if ever needs cal. I’ll do it once every couple of months anyway or just put in the 7.0 solution to check. It’s always pretty much dead on.
  4. revitup

    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Curious what phase of the vaccine rollout it is that enabled those here to get it so early
  5. revitup

    Using bleach

    As your pool is filled I strongly recommend that you take a reading on your meter before and after to get an accurate water capacity to input into PoolMath. Published pool quantity from PBs and manufacturers tends to be wildly inaccurate.
  6. revitup

    SampleSizer - Why did I wait so long to get it?

    You have to overflow the vial and spill water?
  7. revitup

    How I cool down my Pool

    I also tried one of those amazon waterfall sprayers. Had to sacrifice one of my 3 jets for it of course but in order to get any kind of decent spray also had to plug another jet. So gave up 2 jets and a lot of skimmer efficiency for a ‘water feature’. Family liked it anyway. Took it out when we...
  8. revitup

    Robot Pool Cleaner Guidance

    Add Warrior SE and SI to the list. Same as the others.
  9. revitup

    Off Season CSI

    Thanks for the input. My ph is pretty much rock steady at 7.5 - 7.7 so a ph rise isn’t likely without helping it a bit.
  10. revitup

    Off Season CSI

    Just closed/covered the pool for the off season. I run the SWG to maintain chlorine. Water temp never got lower than 53F last year and I expect pretty much the same this year. Chem levels are all pretty much in the ideal range right now except CSI. Should I do anything to raise CSI or just let...
  11. revitup

    New from Myrtle Beach, SC

    No, just an inexpensive solar cover, from In The Swim, I believe. My original thought was that we'd cover the pool daily when not in use to conserve heat but quickly realized that was way too much bother. We only use it now to give the leaf net something to float on in the off season. It looks...
  12. revitup

    New from Myrtle Beach, SC

    We're nearby in Pawleys, we were in the pool on Thanksgiving day but it appears pool weather is done here for this year. We're closing the pool tomorrow. Last year we ran the pump/filter for 4 hours a day during the time we are most likely to get freezing temps, 12:00 - 4:00 AM. We just cover it...
  13. revitup

    Pool Leaf Rake replacement net

    Unlimited Lifetime Replacements
  14. revitup

    botched replacement safety cover??

    Is moving or adding straps not an option?
  15. revitup

    When to replace pool screen cage or enclosure?

    New pool cages around here are $10K+. That buys an awful lot of repair work I'd think.
  16. revitup

    New Latham fiberglass off 2 inches

    Regardless of pool size? I thought it was a 1/4" per 10' or something like that.
  17. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    I believe the pipe rises a couple of feet to the equipment trench. Yeah, I hope the water level isn't high enough that It would be visible in that vertical pipe. That would be pretty high. Unless some type of hydraulic pressure would push it up.
  18. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    Even if I could get to a point where I could see water I don't think it's likely I'd have any idea what level it's at.
  19. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    I have not uncapped to look inside. The vertical section of pipe only goes down a couple of feet before turning horizontal and running to the pool.
  20. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    The two ends (2 well points per) are capped 1.5" PVC about 50' from the pool. I believe I could attach a pump to those ends if needed to remove ground water if it became necessary to empty the pool. I wanted to be able to just look in to see where the water level was. Just curiosity I guess...
  21. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    When our FG pool was installled four well points were installed to alleviate a ground water issue. They are piped to the equipment pad and so obviously I can’t see where the water level is. I’m considering installing a sump pit near the pool so I can monitor the ground water level. How near to...
  22. revitup

    Estimating pool volume and high CYA issues.

    Believe your meter. Published volumes are notoriously inaccurate. My pool builder and the manufacturer both were not even in the ballpark. I was told 14K gallons when it tests/doses at barely 7K with PoolMath.
  23. revitup

    New Latham fiberglass off 2 inches

    I think 2" is at the very limit of acceptable but waterline tile and cap should make it pretty much undetectable.
  24. revitup

    Questions about a Hayward Heatpump Heater

    Regarding clearance around the unit, my pb was going to position it 1’ from the house . I insisted that they move it out 2’ as the manual specified and got a lot of push back. They insisted that they do it all the time with no issues. I had to contact Hayward and determine that my warranty was...
  25. revitup

    Dolphin DX6 & climbing out of deep end?

    Don't have any experience with the Dolphin 30i or M600 but I don't think you have to spend that kind of cash to get a decent robot. My Warrior works perfectly and was a relative bargain at about $800.
  26. revitup

    SWG Owners in Warm Climates: Remove Cell During Colder Months?

    Left mine in last off-season and it seemed to continue to generate chlorine. Can't see any real reason to remove it. I paid a lot of money for a salt system, why would I go to the hassle of manually dosing if I don't have to?
  27. revitup

    Plumber used flexible PVC - anything I can do now?

    Nothing wrong with flexible PVC. Very common. Pools and spas come pre-plumbed with it from the manufacturer.
  28. revitup

    Pool Math app assumes calcium chloride is 90% pure?

    I think I speak for all when I say we like our PH60. I very rarely have to cal it. Check it occasionally against a standard 7.0 solution. It pretty much always reads on the money.
  29. revitup

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Nothing, as usual. Love my SWG.