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    Pump Humming - won't pump

    Thanks for your response. Turns out it doesn't matter what the problem is - I called the store that installed my pool and after following some trouble shooting steps, they told me to just bring it in and they will replace it under warranty. I have their loaner pump now - should have the new one...
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    Pump Humming - won't pump

    Hello all, Starting this year (second summer with the new pool and new equipment), when turning the pump off (in order to switch to backwash, pump to waste, etc), the pump will not immediately come back on. When I flip the switch, it makes a humming noise. It is not until after I hear a...
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    Pressure drops when turning pump on and off

    I'm new to the pool thing. My 16x32' Radiant was just installed 2 weeks ago so there is much for me to learn. Our first week with the pool, we didn't have electricity to it, so the pump was off. During that time, a large accumulation of dirt settled on the bottom (as the pool is buried on one...