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    First SLAM

    What's your water volume? How big is your pool? Please fill in your signature. I see you have a sand filter and 1 speed 1.5 hp pump.
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    Dogs in the pool

    I have 2 puppies, Siberian Husky and Golden Doodle. They both about 6 months old. I can't keep them off the pool. They quickly learned to climb the ladder on their own. I have model where you can slide the steps up and lock it. Have to keep steps locked all the time to prevent unauthorized...
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    New house - Need to SLAM but CYA levels high and can't replace/drain

    How is the water? Any cloudiness or sign of algae? Can you get FC to hold? Try to add enough chlorine to raise FC to 10 ppm using with pump running. Test FC after 15 minutes. If FC >5 and no other water issues, you can possibly maintain your pool this season without draining. The only other...
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    New pool owner - cloudy pool w/ 0 CYA reading

    If pool was drained and refilled, your CYA will be 0. However if you think you might have ammonia in your water, add enough chlorine to raise your FC to 10 in accordance with With pump running, test FC 15 minutes later. If FC > 5 ppm, you can add enough stabilizer to raise your CYA to 30 ppm...
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    New pool owner

    Hi, welcome to TFP! We can definitively help you care for your pool, however you need to be able to perform your own water test. Therefore you need one of two kits we recommend: TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C Test Kits Compared In the meantime do some reading in our pool school: ABCs of Pool Water...
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    Can’t figure out what this is or how to get rid of it

    Hi, welcome to TFP! We can definitively help you get your pool in shape but in order to do so, you need to be able to perform your own water test. Therefore you need one of two kits we recommend: TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C In the meantime do some reading in our pool school: Recommended Levels...
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    Help with CYA Test

    My take on this is to have plenty of bright indirect light but no direct light hitting the tube.
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    New to pool ownership, confirmation of what I'm doing thus far appreciated.

    If you are targeting CH 250, about 50 lbs of Calcium Chloride seems right. However rule of thumb for adding chemicals that can't be adjusted down without draining is to add half of recommended amount and test again.
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    Its about that time:: pool closing questions

    Hi Amy! I don't think brand of the cover matters much. Most important is when you close it and when you open it. You should close pool when water temperature drops bellow 60 F. and open it before it goes over 60 F in a spring. I would go with solid cover vs mesh one and definitely use a pillow...
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    First Test with TF-100... Can anyone help me?

    Your last reported pH was 7.5 and you mentioned it went up a little? How much? pH in 7's range is good, there is no need to chase a specific value.
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    Howdy. New Member, no clue what I’m doing.

    I would contact Taylor or seller and ask for new comparator block. I guess in the meantime you can stick a piece of paper with black sharpie dot. It might not be 100% accurate but it should give you idea what you are working with.
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    Gunite pool Arizona brand new start up.

    Yeah, unfortunately your test kit is not adequate. It will test FC but only up to 5 ppm and it's a color matching one, which is harder to judge than counting drops. Also it can't test for stabilizer (CYA) which is vital. It's also missing Calcium Hardness (CH) test, which I belive it's also...
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    Howdy. New Member, no clue what I’m doing.

    I bet you meant to type CH (Calcium Hardness) is 370 ppm TA - you keep adding drops as long as color keep changing. At the end subtract last drop that didn't cause any color change. CYA - (the cloudy water test) you are supposed to drip the mixture of 50% pool water and 50% R-0013 into smaller...
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    Howdy. New Member, no clue what I’m doing.

    Take a pictures of your equipment and we can help you figure it out.
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    First Test Results and an impending vacation

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Your CC is a bit high indicating potential algae problem. I would do OCLT test and start SLAM, if it fails. Your CYA is also a bit high. Nothing to be overly concerned about right now but I would make sure any pucks that you put in will be cal-hypo type. This would ensure...
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    New member, long time pool owner.

    What's your CYA? You mentioned using pucks, we recommend liquid chlorine. You also mention algae. I would do OCLT test and see if you need to SLAM it.
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    We Have Water!! Several Day One Questions

    I would be very careful with CYA if you can't get pump running. One day won't make much difference and you are risking bleaching brand new liner.
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    Where to start

    OP, your kit should have R-0014 and R-0015 for pH test. Forget about R-0015 (Acid Demand Test). You don't need it. Instead we use PoolMath calculator. Fill your comparator tube to check mark on pH tube, add 5 drops of R-0014 (holding bottle vertically) and read your pH.
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    Pool chemistry.

    Dubvee, There is no need to rush and try to lower your TA, it will get down anyway. All TA does it makes pH rise faster. Keep checking your pH daily, at least in the beginning. You should discover how much pH rises every day. For me when my TA was as high as yours, it was about 0.2 pH each day...
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    Water Loss

    Get solar cover if you are experiencing excessive evaporation but do bucket test first as suggested above to make sure you doesn't leak water.
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    High chlorine,high pH, high TA

    Sorry to break it to you but it was bad move to add CYA and algaecide. Your CYA is already too high and will propably require partial water replacemt. Algacide can create conditions where you will have increased chlorine usage.
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    July and have yet to swim!

    Run all tests and post your results: FC pH TA CH CYA
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    New here, and need some help!

    Start checking CC again. You want to make sure is 0.5 ppm or less. Next, perform OCLT test and if you loose 1 ppm or less, you are done with SLAM. Make sure you test after sundown and before any direct sunlight hit pool. You might have failed it this time because your 12 hours window between...
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    New here, and need some help!

    Sweet, you doing awesome job!
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    New here, and need some help!

    Perpetual, You are very dedicated and very attentive person. It's super easy to work with you. You will get your pool back quickly.
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    New here, and need some help!

    The only thing you should be testing while under SLAM is FC. You can even drop CC test for a while until you will be near the end of SLAM. The idea of SLAM is to have target FC according to Chlorine/CYA chart as constant as possible. In your case that 12 FC. So test it more frequently in the...
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    New here, and need some help!

    You should have easier time after sundown but during daytime you will see higher FC loss due to UV and not having much protection until your stabilizer fully dissolves.
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    Rookie question on chlorine demand

    Hello Boilerjeff! Please add signature with your pool and equipment details.
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    Big problems hoping for a solution.

    You put way too much chlorine! Please read Slam guide and Chlorine/CYA chart
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    New here, and need some help!

    Wal-Mart next to me sell 10% for $3.67 or something like that. It is definitely better value.