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    Water is finally crystal clear, but still high consumption of chlorine

    0 CYA and high CC might indicate bacteria turned your CYA int ammonia. Last test results show low CC, so it looks like you burned thru most of it already. Keep SLAMing and it should get back to normal soon.
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    Added muriatic acid and chlorine together

    Test strips might do if you are in maintenance mode. They are useless for clean up mode. Once you have algae you need to have one of the 2 recommended test kits to successfully get rid of it. Cloudy water is usually a hint of growing algae.
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    Always low chlorine

    Add 1 gallon, make sure pump is on and SWCG is off, wait 30 minutes and test FC. That will be your starting point for OCLT. Next test needs to be done in the morning around sunrise.
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    Adapter between return outlet and DIY aerator?

    Most returns are threaded. Does your return have adjustable eyeball?
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    SWG Not Keeping Up

    Check out this link to have a better idea what your end result of CYA test should be.
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    Hard water - alkalinity - High PH

    You need to start adding chlorine to your pool. Your water already looks green and cloudy. Don't add anymore dry shocks or pucks. Get some muriatic acid, you will need it to lower pH. Until you figure out how to get return water enter pool below water surface, you will have to deal with high pH...
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    My pool couldn't survive my vacation

    The bucket test mention by @atx is a very good idea. Definitely try that first. As for possible explanation why you might have algae, it’s possible there is dead zone without much water circulation, usually around the steps. It’s possible that water there dropped below minimum and allowed algae...
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    My pool couldn't survive my vacation

    Additionally, for CYA 40, your normal FC target should be 5-7 ppm and never below 3 ppm. You are letting it drop too low to prevent algae from taking a hold.
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    My pool couldn't survive my vacation

    You might have an issue with metals in your water but you definitely have an issue with algae. That one picture with water from rang out filter sock is clear indication for me. Your FC were to close to 0 to count it as passed OLCT. It must be at least 3 ppm to start with and normally it’s...
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    Maintaining FC

    We do say that water must be crystal clear before even trying OLCT but it’s your pool and your rules. Good luck.
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    First time TF 100 user

    I think there is a hint of pink hue in your sample. Next time, add one more drop and see if color changes. If it does, include that drop in your tally. If it doesn't, don't include it.
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    My pool couldn't survive my vacation

    If it's really algae, you need to deal with it before dealing with any metals in your water. Do OCLT test, to confirm it's algae.
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    pH While on Vacation

    How much is your pH raising per day? You can lower it to 7.0 and it should take a few days to get it to 8.0. You can also switch off your SWCG and throw some pucks in. They are highly acidic and lower pH. You can also keep your pool covered 24/7 and it should hold pH stable.
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    Maintaining FC

    @TammyGriffin You haven't completed your SLAM yet. Don't raise CYA until you pass OCLT. After you finish SLAM, your chlorine usage should be about half of what it is now.
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    First test before swg gets hooked up

    You need to lower pH. It's too high and it's probably a reason why water wasn't too comfortable. Get some muriatic acid.
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    My pool couldn't survive my vacation

    This looks to me more as an algae bloom than iron. It would also explain why skimmer socks aren't helping. You can't filter out algae, you have to kill it. I would SLAM the pool. As for your pH, initial test was lower because pucks caused it to drop some and with FC over 10, pH test is invalid...
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    Help with balancing water

    If your CYA is really 70 than your FC is way too low. FC target for 70 CYA is 8-10 and never bellow 5. Looks like store had your pH at 8 and you tested it at 7.4. Hard to tell which one is more accurate. Did you use you liquid test to get that value? Are your reagents fresh? TA and CH - it...
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    Cloudy Water

    It's safe to swim at or bellow SLAM level for your CYA, so practically you can still swim in it while SLAMing as long as you don't go over your SLAM target and don't drop bellow minimum.
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    Should I SLAM again?

    This, along with CC = 1, indicate something brewing in your water.
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    Should I SLAM again?

    Failed OCLT, CC=1, visible algea, all points to SLAM in your near future. Hopefully it will be short one.
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    Slamming - Running out of reagents! Ruh oh.

    Not much help now when you almost out of your reagents but you can do 5 ml sample, 1 scoop of powder and 1 drop = 1 ppm. By the end of SLAM switch back to 10 ml sample to do OCLT test.
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    Is this from adding baking soda or could this be something else?

    Looks like store quality edible item. Probably a bird dropped it or something like that.
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    What am I doing wrong? realize FC is being used to sanitize pool in addition to being broken down by sun? If you add recommended amount and don't test 15-30 minutes later to check if you hit your target, how do you know you didn't?
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    Results not great.

    Sorry to hear about your issue with algae but as it was suggested earlier, it seems like you are focusing on something that doesn't have anything to do with your problem. First of all pH, TA & CH have nothing to do with algae. FC level corresponding to your CYA level is what matters...
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    fell dump on slam process

    You can get any reagent by itself online but if you used PoolMath to calculate how much stabilizer is needed to reach your goal, it should get you there assuming correct input in PoolMath.
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    Algae / After Shocking Questions

    Since you had algae I would SLAM it to make sure you killed all of it. For CYA 40 your SLAM FC is 16, so it’s not that bad.
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    Algae / After Shocking Questions

    Are you closing your pool at the end of a season or do you drain and take it down completely? My concern is that, if you have been chlorinating with pucks long enough, your CYA might be too high to allow chlorine to actually sanitize pool. You really need to know what your CYA is. Then you can...
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    Ph Drops when pump is on low speed, why? (Hayward pro-logic, 13,000gal SWpool w/chlorine generator)

    These settings are to select a time feeder automatically shut off due to running continuously for 60/90/120 minutes. These are not inactivity settings. If you are getting "check system" alarm I would check to make sure your acid feeder pump is not getting triggered and running continuously for...
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    Algae / After Shocking Questions

    Did you add stabilizer (CYA) to your water? How are you chlorinating? Liquid chlorine or pucks?
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    Does cya go away?

    CYA doesn't go up naturally. From your signature looks like you chlorinate using pucks. That's your source of CYA