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    Mud leaking into pool at top seam between pool shell and deck

    Could you fill the gap with a bathroom silicone? I hasten to add I have no experience of this but have a similar problem where there is a gap between my liner and tiles that the ants seem to use to build nests in. And have wondered about using Silicone as a solution.
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    Sodium hydrogen sulphate

    Mknauss thank you i didn’t realise the name was different. I do have a Pentair heater so sounds like best not to use sodium bisulphate. Can I slam at the current ph or should I be using mutraic acid. I think total chlorine and free chlorine stayed large constant overnight but still 1 of...
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    Sodium hydrogen sulphate

    Can I use sodium hydrogen sulphate to reduce ph or will it cause me problems? Ph-7.6 Ta-173 Cya-60 FCl-10.3 Tcl-11.3 I think I need to slam and believe I need to lower ph 1st. I am using liquid chlorine. It’s a 7000 gal Vinyl pool. Temp around 79 Thanks!