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    In the market for an AGP robotic cleaner...

    Hi, I just shared my opinion and experience regarding that topic in another thread. You can read it here. It’s post #5. As far as recommendations, a lot of members got Pentair Warrior SE or SI and are happy with them.
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    Dolphin Nautilus

    I don't really think there is something in robots design that makes them suited to in-ground or above ground pool only. In my opinion models that are marketed as above ground tends to be a simpler, cheaper versions of the ones marketed for in-ground pools. There is nothing stopping you from...
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    New M600 robot

    Thanks for sharing. I might attempt to recreate this design. I really like how clean and neat it is.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I bet you’ll be able to get better price when you call. I have seen it somewhere else for $45
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    Yes, that insert goes inside your filter basket and stops all but the smallest particles. It acts as a pre-filter. In my opinion it doesn’t really upgrade your filter capabilities but it should save you time cleaning your pleated filter panels because most of the crud won’t get stuck between the...
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    Rough filter insert
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    Long time dolphin s200 active 20 owner question

    @DanF It appears your filter basket is the same but you missing screen insert. If desired it can be purchased separately.