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    Swg on above ground pool

    Hi Jennk2, Check your pool warranty but if it is anything like mine it is pretty much useless. My not only is prorated but it also requires to disassemble and ship it back for service/replacement. No way I would ever do that save for some catastrophic failure in a season one or two. As for SWG...
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    Circupool RJ-45+ vs Edge-40

    How long you normally run your pump? I recently got RJ-45 system but I haven't got it installed yet. I decided to go with RJ model because it allows you to set your chlorine production in 5% increasement vs. 12.5% or 15% on other models. You can always adjust your pump running time as well, but...
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    New RJ45+ Install, I glue like a 5 year old.

    According to manual, side with a cable is considered inlet side. In posted picture it looks like it is installed backwards.
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    New RJ45+ Install, I glue like a 5 year old.

    Looks good! I would flip that cell though so the cable comes out at the bottom. Less chance of water penetration.