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    Water Leak and Part ID

    Hello TFP - I have a bad leak in the part circled below. Would anyone be able to ID what it is? and what needs to be done to stop the leak? It looks like some sort of an air release and water is overflowing through it. Thanks
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    Spa Pump/Jet Doesn't Start. No Noise

    Hello TFP. You guys have been a tremendous help. I'm almost near the end of SLAM and water is clear. However my spa pump just broke, so here I am again :). A couple of days ago I cleaned the spa pump basket and put it back in, and all of a sudden the pump wouldn't turn on. It worked fine before...
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    FL Pool Neglected for 3 Years

    TF100 kit will be here Monday but I figured I'd go ahead and start a new thread so I can document the journey. Thanks in advance to all you kind people. So we've actually never used the pool since we bought the house in 2017. It's been borderline neglected other than occasional brushing and...
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    Water leak through air release valve

    Hello TFP, My cartridge filter is leaking from the top through the air release valve hole. I've tried running it with and without the filter inside. Not much difference. Also checked the small o-ring that's on the release valve and that seemed fine. Hopefully experts here can diagnose this...