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    Hayward H400FDN IF ignition failure voltage question

    I was getting the IF code this spring right before we began using the pool for the summer. I turned off the heat pump this last week, because it was struggling to keep up now that it has gotten cold here. I went to troubleshoot the gas heater. I've been through all the steps I can find from...
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    Omnilogic and low voltage connection to VSP

    My Tristar VS. Has the same missing information in the manual, but labels the outgoing connection as A & B. I would assume I connect one to each on the marked low speed buses.
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    Plaster, Quartsscapes, Pebbletec, other cost per SF

    Thanks Jim. I've been lurking for over a year, reading and this was the first time I couldn't find an answer by searching.
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    Plaster, Quartsscapes, Pebbletec, other cost per SF

    Hi everyone. I see people posting costs and questions on cost with linear feet as deciding factor for pool plaster cost. I was curious what actual costs per SF are. The LF doesn't necessary relate to actual material costs. I'm getting pricing from plaster guy and I wanted to see if he was...