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  1. mirko

    AGP in hurricane Laura.

    If you were ever worried about protecting your AGP in a hurricane, it'll be fine. Worry about protecting your house instead. This is from hurricane Laura.
  2. mirko

    New Gold Supporter and Amazon Smile participant.

    Hello, I greatly appreciate TFP and its members. As a first-time pool owner, I was able to set up my new AGP and have the clearest water imaginable. I was able to get all of the information that I needed to be successful by just searching the forums. Thank you! This pic was taken from the...
  3. mirko

    1st time filling the pool and I think I left the hose on too long.

    I filled my pool for the first time last night. Then the rains came, and they didn't stop. When I finished filling the pool, it was 3" from the top. The rain did the rest. One thing is that I can see how level the pool is now. One post is 7/8" high, and the one next to it is 3/4" high. The rest...
  4. mirko

    How do I get rid of the wrinkles when filling the AGP?

    I am frustrated with trying to get rid of the wrinkles on the pool bottom. I've been on my hands and knees with an inch of water on the bottom and cannot get rid of them. I've used the pool brush. I'm going to try a plunger next. Is there an acceptable limit to wrinkles? Will some of them go...
  5. mirko

    How much should I expect to pay for mason sand?

    I found a place near me that will deliver mason sand at $66.25 per ton. Does that sound about right?
  6. mirko

    New pool owner

    Hello, My wife has been wanting a pool since we moved into our new house. We now have that pool, but it's still in the box. I've just started working on the yard. I've already learned a lot from TFP and this forum. I feel confident about being able to install and maintain the pool. See my...