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  1. Jontmiller

    heater blower fan on all the time (uncommanded)

    Symptoms....heater blower on whenever filter pump turned on regardless of pool heat on or off. Pentair Master Temp 400. Came out to clean pool and breaker was tripped, (happens on occasion....once or twice a season) reset breaker and the filter pump came on but the heater blower came on as...
  2. Jontmiller

    Replacement Pentair Globrite

    Replaced a broken Globrite led light and it works fine except the color does not match the other two ( it will cycle in time just cycle through different colors. Any thoughts ? Sent from my iPhone while driving :)
  3. Jontmiller

    Pentair heater 0 - - - mice 1

    hello from Connecticut. symptoms started with the pump/heater 20amp gfi breaker tripped. Opened up the heater and found the problem...the mice have enjoyed the heater. Rather annoyed at myself as I knew this was going to be a concern and I thought I was on top of it with successful mouse...
  4. Jontmiller

    Salt and spa

    I have searched and searched, gotten close but not the answer I was hoping for. We have a new pool with SWG and love it, installed a separate spa at the same time that is using Bromine as the sanitizer. Simple question is can I add a bit of salt for feel only without jeopardizing any of the...
  5. Jontmiller

    Time lapse new construction

    Hello from CT Late to the forum but have enjoyed viewing other construction projects as well as learning about our new pool. Wanted to share a very unpolished collection of our new construction pool here in southwest Connecticut. Many more photos available to anyone interested. Before...