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  1. JVTrain

    New liner!

    Well after a couple years of band-aids on the aging liner, we're finally putting in a new liner this spring. There's been some hiccups with the install via the local pool guys but hoping they stand behind the liner, despite my concerns with the fit of the liner. Anyway... old-timer dipping my...
  2. JVTrain

    Fellow citizen's pool

    I helped an acquaintance of mine last year with his pool. He called this week saying he needed a hand again... boy did he ever. Green mess and lots of plastic circles from his disintegrated solar cover, since removed after opening. The pool had been opened "professionally" for weeks so how could...
  3. JVTrain

    Show off your test kit!

    There was a thread quite a while back that I thought was pretty fun and gave me some ideas (that I haven't followed through on... yet!). I thought I would get one going again. So here's my test kit set up. It's a stock TF-100 case and reagents but I've rearranged so I can fit my SpeedStir in...
  4. JVTrain

    Refinishing slide

    After getting a quote to repair my slide professionally, $1500, nearly the price of a new one, I've decided to tackle refinishing it myself. Using this thread as a guide and inspiration: Refinishing / Restoring a Fiberglass Pool Slide My slide is the same or very close to the slide in that...
  5. JVTrain

    Closing Soon... a bit of a wrinkle (not in the liner!)

    So water temp is hovering in the mid 60s so too soon to close. Lots of low 40s, some 30s overnight for the rest of this week and not likely to warm up soon. Here's the wrinkle... I have been allowing evaporation to take its course over the last few weeks to lessen the amount I need to drain at...
  6. JVTrain

    It happens to anyone...

    So I have been in cruise control mode with my pool. Temps down to low 70s, solar cover on nearly all the time to limit chlorine losses. No swimming going on with school, activities and lower temps. Checking every couple days on the FC. CYA is down to 30 after starting summer at 40. Been bumping...
  7. JVTrain

    TFP: Bear Approved

    Bear lounges in pool, moves to hot tub in Vancouver yard - YouTube sent from mobile. beware of brevity and spelling errors.
  8. JVTrain

    Windows 10... anyone tried it yet?

    Just thought I'd ask all the pool-enlightened folks if they had installed the Windows 10 update. I have been putting it off because I'm a little worried about compatibility of some applications and games on the PC. Maybe wait another month or so and get the upgrade...
  9. JVTrain


    Test # Sent from mobile device. Beware of brevity and spelling errors!
  10. JVTrain

    Nature2 Express mineral removal

    So I had seen the thread about emptying standard Nature2 cartridges but mine that was inherited with the pool turned out to be something called Nature2 express. It's fully enclosed, no separate cartridge inside the housing. So I decided to just drill it out and empty. 3/16"drill bit and took...
  11. JVTrain

    Suction side, replacing all valves

    Here's a quick shot of what I'm working with. Putting in 2 3-way Jandy Neverlube valves to replace the 3 cheapo 2-way valves, main drain valve did not hold air lock when closing last fall so it was chopped, plugged. Sent from mobile device. Beware of brevity and spelling errors!
  12. JVTrain

    The World's Craziest Swimming Pools Some interesting pools in this list.
  13. JVTrain

    Intermittent Spa Shutdown

    Making this thread for suggestions and to document the process of trying to fix the current issues with my spa. History: New-to-me outdoor firberglass spa, 345 gallon GL700 Shoreline Spa. Specification from flyer is (2) 4 HP pumps, 46 total jets with ozonator purifier (but wiring for ozonator...
  14. JVTrain

    Ahh-some treatment

    Well, my water was getting sickly in the spa. Chemistry was fairly well maintained for 4 months. That and never having done a deep clean, time to do it. Ordered Ahh-some online and it arrived just in time today. Drained the tub last night, refilled this morning then added Ahh-some and followed...
  15. JVTrain

    Wildlife had a Wild Party

    I had tested the pool last night and dosed with bleach. Everything looked fine. It is hitting the "dog days" up around here where dew points hover around the low 70s and temps at night are about the same. Dew basically collects on you at night sometimes these days the air is so humid. Well...
  16. JVTrain

    My poor TigerShark.

    Well the possible but not likely happened. I have small thermometers hanging into my pool. They're about 3/4" diameter tube shaped types. Turns out, when my TigerShark climbs the wall, they will eventually get stuck in just the wrong place: between the brush roller and the body of the cleaner...
  17. JVTrain

    Leak Investigation

    Well... my Trouble Free Pool has been indeed trouble free for this whole season. Now it's only trouble free from a chemistry standpoint. Lately I've been losing about 1/8" (3 mm) of water per day. So far, I haven't done any investigation other than a 12 hour bucket test where the pool lost...
  18. JVTrain

    Chlorine Sanitized Tub, Bromine Tabs added

    So I have been keeping my spa sanitized using CYA/Chlorine for several months. I've kept it in check, had to perform a quick SLAM on it once after I was gone for a bit and things went south. Not bad, just enough that FC went to 0, SLAM for a day, back to normal. Since then, kids have used it...
  19. JVTrain

    Participated View?

    I absolutely love the Participated view that's available in the Tapatalk app. Shows threads I've posted in, in chronological order by most recent post. Any view/link to see threads like that through the browser site?
  20. JVTrain

    That TFPC Clean Pool Smell

    Until owning my own pool this year, I had only swam in other people's pools (probably poorly maintained) and commercial pools. They all had a typically pungent aroma of chlorine, those dreaded combined chlorines. Now that I have a well balanced pool of my own, I've taken to... taking in it's...
  21. JVTrain

    Visiting Houston

    Since there's quite a few Houston folks here... In Houston for a few days. Actually will be in Beaumont area for most of the time. Working days. Anything I should try to see/do in the evenings? Great places for food? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  22. JVTrain

    Replacing Multiport Valve, Sand Filter too?

    I have a pinhole leak on the bottom of my multiport valve, Hayward SP0715. Very small stream of water steadily leaks from bottom, front of valve. Was likely was installed in early 90s. Also have an old stainless steel PacFab PF-50 sand filter installed at the same time. My question is, should I...
  23. JVTrain

    Hayward King Shark for Residential Pool

    Looking at a Hayward King Shark pool robot. It's designed for commercial pools up to 30' x 60'. My pool is only 32' x 16'. I wouldn't even think about buying one retail, but there is used one for sale from a company going out of business...
  24. JVTrain

    New-to-me PF 50 Sand Filter

    New pool owner, see sig. Came with old PF 50 sand filter. Only know it's a PF 50 by the appearance and size. Label is illegible. Wondering before/during opening if I should do anything special with the sand filter. Should I open it...
  25. JVTrain

    Opening Spa, First Time

    So... acquired this spa with my house purchased last winter. Spa had been winterized and I didn't feel like opening it when it was 0 degrees around here, especially with no experience doing so. See signature for spa info. Got all the fittings together and pump plugs installed (had to scrounge...
  26. JVTrain

    New Member from MN

    New member. So glad I found this site. Bought a home with an in-ground pool and I can't even tell you the accurate dimensions, capacity or any of the mechanics so far. Will update the signature when I do more recon this winter. I did swim in the pool last summer before we owned the home so it...