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  1. jetola

    The life of an algae in a well balanced pool

    So, i was wondering - and maybe my wonderings can be answered by all you smart people. This is how i understand the life-cycle of an algae in a well-balanced pool. With well-balanced i mean perfect balance in all parameters, FC - TC - CYA and PH. 1. An algae-spore is carried by the wind, and...
  2. jetola

    Algae over night ?

    So i have a question. My pool is an outdoor pool with metal-sides and a rubber bottom. Over many weeks now i have maintained my pool every day. PH is 7,6 and Chlor is between 1,5 and 2. I use the phenol red and dpd1 tablets to Measure - and i measure every day and add chlor every day - to keep i...
  3. jetola

    Sand in the pool

    Hi all, Just registered here, as i have some questions. First of all, bought my new house with a pool 6 months ago - so im new as a pool-owner. Specs on my pool: Oval shape, 8*4 meters 34.000 liters Outdoor My sandfilter is a Sevilla 600 I dont know when the sand was replaced last, as i only...