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  1. Perpetual summer

    Bubbles on the water

    Hi, I had a problem with bubbles in the water in June. It’s July and I still have bubbles in the water. Today I vacuumed and as soon as I adjusted the valves it started to get the water surface to cloud up. My numbers are, fc- 10 ph-7.6 ta- 100 ch-240 cya-70 the test was done last night. The...
  2. Perpetual summer


    I am studying and going over the chlorine testing. I had brain problem last year and can’t remember how I tested chlorine. The other tests seem ok and I dont have trouble doing them, but the chlorine just skips me, I can’t remember it. The instructions don’t help. With the 0.2 and 25 ml of...
  3. Perpetual summer

    Matted bubbles

    I have a Fiberglas pool and I am taking out the algea my guess is from last year. I have cleaned it up to where the bottom was visible and I vacuumed the bottom. Now it has bubbles in tiny areas all over the surface....... what is it?
  4. Perpetual summer

    TA is 90

    I have tested the total water and the only thing that was off was the TA, it is 90. I have been having health concerns this summer, so I have been Testing mostly FC. The TA was 70 July 12. I am asking, can higher TA cause an issue with something? Is it not high enough to be an issue yet? It...
  5. Perpetual summer

    Clean and clear pentair filter

    I am using the pentair filter for the last 3 years. The first year I didn’t do a thing. The second year I had to do a couple cleanings and it was good. The third year I have cleaned and taken apart 5 or 6 times and there doesn’t seem to be any thing else I can do. I have used the filters for the...
  6. Perpetual summer


    I haven’t tested complete set of tests for a month. Today I tested and CYA was down from 80 to 50. Had more rain than usual and drained a few times, maybe 2” in total. Weather has been cloudy, rainy, minimal exposer to sun for last month. Fc has been holding very well. My question is this...
  7. Perpetual summer

    Cartridge filter

    Last year I didn’t need to clean my cartridge filter at all till seasons end. This year I need to clean it again, third time. It slows down and causes a no flow on my SWG. This year has been terrible with seeds and tree blossoms. I have been using the hair nets in skimmer baskets and replacing...
  8. Perpetual summer

    CSI to low

    Pool is a fiberglass shell. here are today’s numbers, fc = 8 ph = 7.4 ta = 80 ch = 260 csi = -0.47 ph, ta, and ch have held steady for weeks, csi is slightly on the negative side. Poolmath says I should be above -0.3. Should I be concerned? Should I play around with another number to increase CSI?
  9. Perpetual summer

    Correct wiring for IC 40

    The electrician did not install the IC40 correctly when pool was put in. The pool installer is sending an electrician out to correct it, (as in hook the SWG to the pump relay). End of last year I had a situation where I had to turn off SWG due to high fc. In the easy touch when I set...
  10. Perpetual summer


    This forum looks totally different. We’re changes made or is my iPad acting up?
  11. Perpetual summer

    Correct wiring for SWG

    Pool is closed for the season, this is first full season from new install. The SWG is on its own circuit and is not tied to a timer so it’s on all the time, flow switch is shutting it off when pump is off. I would like to change the wiring to have it on the same circuit as the pump, which is on...
  12. Perpetual summer

    Cartridge cleaning

    Just had pool closed for winter. Pool guy said to soak cartridges in soapy water and muratic acid for a day to get the oils and other body products off. Anybody ever hear of the muratic acid cleaning? How much to use? Use with soap? Will the diluted acid cause damage?
  13. Perpetual summer

    Muratic acid storage

    I bought two gallons of muratic acid at the beginning of the season, used very little of it. Winter coming so I need to take it indoors to keep from freezing. Correct? Can I put it in a sealed storage container or does it need to be somewhat breathable? I will need to take it into basement.
  14. Perpetual summer


    Today we had our 2 grandkids and 2 of their friends over for a swim. The one friend 5 years old I guess you would call it an accident in the pool in the form of a loose bowel movement. :(:(:(:( Water got cloudy a bit and I got everybody out. I added some bleach and vacuumed. Water is circulating...
  15. Perpetual summer

    Solar cover seam repair

    We used our solar cover about a month before the seam started to separate. I called the pool installer ( which by the way is a super good guy). He said its under warranty and would be out with the new one. Fast forward a week later he can out with new cover and was going to install. We talked...
  16. Perpetual summer


    We had family over for a day of swimming, most had long hair to middle of back. I didn't think of it at the time and not sure how I would or should say something about hair ties or ponytails. While swimming I was picking gobs of hair off my fingers for 3 days. How does everyone address the...
  17. Perpetual summer

    Waterline cleaner?

    We had a few people over yesterday for a day of swimming. With all the sun screen, deodorant, hair products and whatever else, there is a somewhat oily buildup at the waterline and above. We have a fiberglass shell with no tile. Is there a product I can use to clean it off? I don't want to mess...
  18. Perpetual summer

    Towel rack for diy's

    I saw this drying rack on the net, made a lot of sense because it has a zero footprint, can't blow over and easily kept out of way. Got all parts at Home Depot. It's made all from 1" pvc. 2 - 90 elbows 5- tees 5- end caps 2- plugs or flat caps ( not sure of name ) 1- 10 ft pipe the elbow is...
  19. Perpetual summer

    So clear it's unbelievable

    Pool has been open for over a month. Water is balanced and has been very stable once SWG was locked in. Today I was using my goggles, our pool is about 29ft end to end. I got to say that I could see to the end and it was so clear it appeared that there was no water. It is unbelievable. I...
  20. Perpetual summer

    FC and weather

    First time with a pool in years and first time with TFP. Opened pool about a month ago. A few weeks ago added a gallon of bleach, a few days later got the SWG going. I started with 50% then kept dialing down the percentage. On 5/4/17 fc was 12ppm, I shut off SWG till fc fell on its own to target...
  21. Perpetual summer


    I am using the poolmath beta app, is there someplace to ask questions or talk about possible complaints?
  22. Perpetual summer

    Pump Won't prime

    I have read the past posts about priming problems and checked my set up and tried the tricks for air leakage. This is my first opening with pool. I have grownup with pools and had pools for my kids so I am not totally green to this. A company closed pool for winter. I would like to get pump...
  23. Perpetual summer

    Concrete decking issue

    Here's the back story, last October we had a pool installed with stamped concrete decking. Contractor sealed a few days after pouring. Fast forward to today.( We have had a mild winter in regard to snow and deep freeze temps.) I was out looking around today and noticed a roundish spot about 8...
  24. Perpetual summer

    First time open

    We got pool installed last October, closing included with price. I want to open myself, and it seems straightforward haha but time will tell. My only question now is should I use a silicone grease on the threads and washers of plugs? How about return jets? I noticed that the SWG was loose but in...
  25. Perpetual summer

    Cantilever umbrella

    This is our first summer with our pool, 2 weeks last fall is extent of pool time. My wife and I are looking for an umbrella for around pool. Wanting a large cantilevered free standing maybe 13ft. Does anybody have any good reviews or experience with similar? Slightly concerned about wind as we...