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  1. mmardini

    Best pool cleaner 2020

    I’m looking to fire my pool guy. I think I finally have a good handle of testing and just tested my water and not happy with the results. Seems like he just cleans throws some chlorine and acid and calls it a day! I read some older threads regarding pool robots but I was wondering what the...
  2. mmardini

    FAS-DPD test

    I bought a test kit from leslies prior to finding this site which is essentially the same I’ve been told of the Taylor k2005 test kit. I have come to understand from this site that the kit is fine except it’s missing the FAS-DPD test. Is this kit that I found on Amazon the same test? Also, what...
  3. mmardini

    Pool deck resurfacing

    Hi everyone! I just finished remodeling my pool and I love the way it came out, however now it is making our ugly pool deck stand out! We bought our house a year ago and apparently the previous owner (flipper) painted over the kool deck with normal paint and it’s now peeling in a lot of the...
  4. mmardini

    Chlorine floater

    Hi everyone. We just replastered our pool one week ago with a pebble finish and we are working on balancing our water. We added a gallon of CYA on Tuesday which brought our level to approximately 30. We don’t want to add too much too quickly, but we are having a problem keeping chlorine in the...
  5. mmardini

    What does it take to get rid of the pool guy...

    Hi everyone. We have owned our home with a pool for about a year and a half now. Up until about 2 months ago we had someone caring for the pool that we trusted because he is family and he has been in the pool business for about 30 years. Always went above and beyond for us. Unfortunately he...
  6. mmardini

    Adding CYA

    Hi everyone. We just resurfaced our pool and it got filled on Wednesday. We need to add CYA but have no idea how much to add. We added chlorine this morning and it’s already low again! How do we figure out how much cya to add?
  7. mmardini

    Pool fill up

    This is the first time I’ve ever drained and refilled a pool. We started this morning at 9:30am and we have two hoses going. We are barely at the first step and it’s almost 6:00 pm here. My question is how long does it usually take a pool to fill? And how do you go about sleeping while it’s...
  8. mmardini

    Pool just finished with the pebble. Acid wash and fill tomorrow! Pics included

    Hey everyone! Just finishing up our pool remodel. This is universal mini pebble aqua Azul with Orion ocean glass tile. We acid wash tomorrow and start to fill. Anything I should look out for?? Here are some before and after pics!
  9. mmardini

    Pool chipped out, is this crack a problem??

    Hi everyone! Pool got chipped out today and I noticed this crack where the pool tile was, hopefully you can zoom in on the picture to see. Is this an issue? It is above the waterline, but I’m wondering if it will be an issue for the waterline tile. What’s the best fix for this or should I just...
  10. mmardini

    Pool pump run times following pebble finish install

    Hi everyone! Pool is set to be resurfaced using a pebble finish this week (so excited!) and I just thought of something and figured maybe some of you experts will know the answer! Right now our pump (single speed at the moment; hoping to upgrade soon) runs for 8 hours per day (9am to 5pm) due to...
  11. mmardini

    Best thinset to use to install glass tile

    Hi everyone! Me again :) our tile installer is coming by Friday so wanted to know your opinions. We are installing NPT Orion ocean glass tiles around the water line in our pool and spa and spa spillover. We have heard nightmares about glass tile falling off and chipping but I really want it...
  12. mmardini

    Question about variable speed pump

    Hey everyone! Thanks to this great site we are thinking of changing from a single speed pump to a variable speed. The one question we have is that when our current pump is on, we have a spill over from the spa to the pool (3 waterfalls). If we install a variable speed pump, will the water fall...
  13. mmardini

    Pebble finish start up-"Universal Mini Pebble"

    Has anyone heard or used the company “universal mini pebble”? We were originally going to use stone scapes aqua blue but our PB brought us samples of “universal mini pebble” and my husband really likes the “aqua azul” color. I’m a little hesitant because I’ve never heard of this company for...
  14. mmardini

    Abalone shells in pebble

    Hi everyone, I did a search for this and read some posts but I wanted to get a general consensus on adding abalone shells to pebble finishes? I read some cases where it stained the pool and def don’t want that but our PB is offering it at no charge and says it really makes the pool sparkle. Pros...
  15. mmardini

    Ok test kit? From Leslies

    Hi everyone, I just picked up this test kit from Leslie. What do you think? Is it missing anything important? Thank you!
  16. mmardini

    Keeping glass tile clean on elevated spa wall

    Hi everyone! Love this site! We are resurfacing our pool next month and re-tiling the pool with glass tile. We have an elevated spa and currently it has terrible calcium stains on it. I would like to prevent this from happening as we are paying a lot for the glass tile. Can you guys recommend...
  17. mmardini

    Keeping glass tile clean

    Hey everyone! New to the forum but loving it!! My husband and I are about to remodel our pool and we (aka Me) have decided on glass pool tile. We have been warned by many but I can’t get over the look! We live in Palm Springs California and have very hard water here. Can anyone recommend any...