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  1. jrs_diesel

    Replacing an old Hayward Super II, any recommendations?

    Good day all. My current pump isn't likely to last much longer, it's gotten a bit noisier and is reluctant to start at times. It's an old 2 HP Hayward Super II that AFAIK, is original to when the pool was built in 1993. With the age of the pump, I am hesitant to sink money into rebuilding the...
  2. jrs_diesel

    TA slowly rising, have not added any TA increasers

    Just like the title says, my TA has been slowly increasing since March and I can't figure out why. I have not added any baking soda, washing soda, or borax. According to my log book, in March, my TA was 80, and it has slowly crept up, and now it is 100 this week. The only chemicals I've added...
  3. jrs_diesel

    Potassium Hypochlorite?

    Ran across this on HASA's website: One of the uses listed is "recreational water". This is the first time I've seen it. I have nothing against sodium hypochlorite, it's my primary chlorine source for my pool. This is more of...
  4. jrs_diesel

    What is the process that chlorine kills algae/pathogens?

    I am curious as to how chlorine kills algae/bacteria/viruses. What does it actually do to the cells? And a second question to go along with the first, if my water utility is using chloramine as a sanitizer, how does that process work? Something I've always been curious about.
  5. jrs_diesel


    Anyone else here scuba dive? I just got my tank and regulator back from the dive shop and spent a few minute blowing bubbles in the pool. I think I may have a new method for cleaning the pool! :D
  6. jrs_diesel

    Blue devil CYA reagent and Taylor CYA test tube

    A while back I had run out of R-0013. Not knowing any better I grabbed a bottle of CYA reagent from my LPS. Turns out it is Blue Devil CYA reagent and not Taylor reagent. But the results I was getting with it was somewhat consistent with the Taylor reagent so I did not think much of it at the...
  7. jrs_diesel

    Polaris 360 seems to only clean the perimeter?

    When we bought our house last year, a worn out sun faded Polaris 360 (pressure side cleaner) came with it. At the time, the 360 only had two wheel drive (broken belt), but otherwise operated normal. An hour or two would clean up the bottom of the pool nicely. Over the winter, the 360 lived in...
  8. jrs_diesel

    Practice fishing in the pool?

    Searching didn't turn up anything, just wonder how many people have ever thought of practicing casting and lure action in the pool?
  9. jrs_diesel

    CH in fill water, what is the impact on over all CH in the pool?

    It's been a while since I have done algebra on solutions and mixtures so here's my question: I have a 20,000 gallon pool with CH at 300 ppm. My fill water has 125 PPM. If I lose 1,000 gallons due to evaporation, and fill it back up, what is the impact of the fill water? Is there a formula...
  10. jrs_diesel

    Previous owner left a test kit, what reagents can I use from it?

    Just bought a new house and the previous owners left a 5 way test kit from Home Depot: Bottles 1 and 2 are OTO and Phenol red, so I know I can use them for daily testing. Trying to figure out what bottles 3, 4, and 5...
  11. jrs_diesel

    Started raining while draining, should I be worried?

    I'm in the middle of draining 14,000 gallons out from from my pool, which holds 21,000, to drop my high CYA and CH. It has not rained in a few days, but it just started raining. Am I at risk of my pool floating out of the ground? I will have about 7,000 gallons and 22 inches of water by the end...
  12. jrs_diesel

    Initial test results on our pool at new house

    Good morning, I put my new TF-100 to use this morning and got the followi g readings: FC - 21 CC - 0 CYA - 140 CH - 700 TA - 90 PH - 7.4 Previous owners used a trichlor floater. With the high CYA it looks like I need to do a partial drain and fill. I am not seeing any calcium staining even...
  13. jrs_diesel

    New house, puzzled with filter plumbing

    Good evening everyone, I've been lurking and studying for a while here, love the site and everything I've been able to learn. :D My parents have had a pool since the 90's so I'm pretty familiar with all of the components and such, mostly with IG vinyl pools and sand filters. We're closing on a...