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    First-time Homeowner & Pool owner | A few questions + pictures of my setup

    Make sure to clean the impeller after you clean out the line. Probably should do it a couple of times after running the pump with all the debris that was in there. I was having similar problems and when I finally clean that out so many other issues fixed themselves.
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    Few Quick Questions

    For the fountain, it looks like there are some deck jets I'm hoping will work. The pentair ones say they'll shoot 8' but I'm guessing I won't get all of that from this pipe. It's about 3-4 foot away, so I hope I can get that out of it. The pool is in direct sun pretty much always so I'm...
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    Few Quick Questions

    I have a couple of questions I figured I'd compile into one post. Just bought a house with an old pool. We redid the plaster, tile, and coping and now I'm getting on to the operational side of things. 1. We removed the slide but now have a 1.5' pipe sticking up through the concrete with a...