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  1. prancealot

    Pool robot - do I need one?

    I’ve been a pool owner now for about 18 months and researched and started using the TFP method to assist with the pool while continuing with the pool service until I felt confident. It’s been nearly a year of doing it by myself and I find it straight forward and nowhere near as much work as...
  2. prancealot

    First test - now what?

    Hi I’ve just done my first round of testing ever using a clear choice kit and here are the results. As it is my first time and I’m awaiting my stirrer I may certainly have made some errors but I tried to follow the instructions as much as possible. FC - 13 CC or TC - 0? pH - 7.8 TA - 150 CH -...
  3. prancealot

    Hi from SE NSW, Australia

    Hi all We purchased a house that came with a pool and moved in just in time for winter over here. We continued with a pool service over winter while we were renovating and I've been 'dipping my toe in the water' ;) by doing some manual cleaning and investigating our equipment. Now as it comes...