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  1. SeanB

    Savannah Berry Update 12/13

    Dave sent me an e-mail and reminded my that I have been derelict in my duties and have not made an update on Savannah's music career in a while. Actually, it's amazing how fast time flies by and how much has happened since the last update. I'll pick up since Savannah was on season 4 of The...
  2. SeanB

    Savannah Berry update :)

    Okay, so once again, it's been awhile since I've posted on TFP. 8-) So glad to see the site continuing to thrive more than ever with Dave and Jason! Anyway, I thought you all might like a quick update on my daughter Savannah Berry and her music career. I know a number of you have been...
  3. SeanB

    Savannah sings the National Anthem

    Savannah was honored to be invited to sing our National Anthem last week at Minute Maid Park for a Houston Astros game! [youtube:3tg1iyj3]Fdz7wA1JECc[/youtube:3tg1iyj3]
  4. SeanB

    Savannah's interview with abc channel 13!

    For those keeping up with my daughter and her singing, here is the latest. 8-)
  5. SeanB

    Savannah Berry Music Update!

    As many of you long term forum members know, a big part of why I sold TFP to Dave a couple of years ago, was so that I would have more time to help my daughter Savannah Berry, purse her goal of becoming a professional recording artist. I'm thrilled at how well the forum has done and even...
  6. SeanB

    What makes TFP different from the rest....

    Since selling TFP and passing the torch, I feel less self-promoting by making this type of post, so I'd like to point out some of the features and benefits that you get at TFP that other sites either don't have or charge a fee for.... Some sites charge for the use of forum features, but not...
  7. SeanB

    Artist Profile

    :wave: For those keeping track, this is what Savannah (my 15 year old daughter) has been up to lately: All of the songs on the video will be on her upcoming CD.
  8. SeanB

    New Fan Page

    Okay, so I normally wouldn't post this on a forum but since you all have been following my daughter on her singing journey, I thought I'd post a link here. Below is a link to her Reverb Nation artist page. It's an easy way to keep up with Savannah, listen to her music, read more about her and...
  9. SeanB

    Another great night!

    I mentioned in a post a month ago that my daughter had made it into the finals of a local American Idol type contest. It was open to anyone in the entire county age 14 and up. At age 14, she was the youngest in the finals. She won first runner up (2nd place)! 1/3 of the score was text in...
  10. SeanB

    New video

    For those of you who've followed some of the videos I've posted with my daughters singing, here is one from a few weeks ago that you might enjoy. [youtube:304eboru]H6ZRy5COC8I[/youtube:304eboru]
  11. SeanB

    Who should become a TFP Supporter?

    I'm going to give a little opinion here that, when I was the owner of TFP, would probably have been a little inappropriate. Now that the torch has been passed on, I'd like to give my .02 on some criteria I think you should use on deciding whether or not to become a TFP Supporter. This is my...
  12. SeanB

    It's been awhile (a new video)...

    For those of you who have followed my postings of my daughter's singing, I thought I'd post a new video and an update. She's been performing very regularly at local opry houses all over South Texas. This week she's going to be putting on a full hour show on the outdoor stage of the Austin...
  13. SeanB

    Pet Peeve - Netiquette

    Is this a pet peeve for anyone else? Don't you hate it when you e-mail someone for some specific purpose like business and without permission, they add you to their mass e-mail list and start sending you e-mails on totally unrelated topics? They have subject titles like "This is so cute - I...
  14. SeanB

    New Admin and New Owner

    Well, another full year at TFP has come and gone and the site continues to do very well. Together we've been able to help thousands of pool owners take control of their pools and eliminate the stress of having a mismanaged pool. The creation and administration of TFP is something I am very...
  15. SeanB

    Another milestone!

    Did anybody notice....? We passed 6,000 members! We are also up to nearly 80,000 posts!
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  17. SeanB

    At the Opry...

    Well, for those of you who have been keeping up with my posts about my daughter Savannah and her singing... she's now venturing out to the local opry's to perform. It's great stage experience plus she gets to perform with a live band. Of course the opry crowd is up there in age a bit so they...
  18. SeanB

    Welcome new members...

    I've been a little remiss in my admin duties the past few weeks. I see, even though the season has mostly come to an end, we continue to get new members to the TFP clan every day. I usually try to greet all the new members, so apologies if I've missed anyone these past few weeks. If you are a...
  19. SeanB

    smoking a turkey

    The outside temp should not be a factor. You should be maintaining a steady temp in the smoker regardless. I'll be smoking ours on my Grill Dome this year for the 1st time. It should turn out really good.
  20. SeanB

    Any SugarLand fans?

    I'm talking about the country duo, not the Houston suburb. :lol: This is a clip of my daughter singing "Stay" by SugarLand. You can ignore the message at the end about subscribing - that's for youtube members. [youtube:1u9o4vls]b0uDI3VH9Ek[/youtube:1u9o4vls]
  21. SeanB

    Slide-show improved...

    In addition to being randomized, the photos should no longer repeat until every one has been shown.
  22. SeanB

    The Top 10 things you did when TFP was down for the upgrade?

    The Top 10 things you did when TFP was down? When TFP was down in June for about a week for the upgrade and move to the new server, what did you do with all your free time?
  23. SeanB

    How many of you have your own blog?

    I'm curious, how many of our members run their own blogs, on any topic?
  24. SeanB

    Contest Idea??

    I would like to run another contest to give away a TF-100 courtesy of Trouble Free and would like some suggestions. The contest needs to be simple enough to get a lot of participation and have clear benefits to the site. Any ideas? (real idesa only please)
  25. SeanB

    The Top 10 uses for your old pool chemicals

    Sorry, I got a late start this month. We don't have as much time, so be sure to get your entry in. It's okay to admit it... before finding TFP, I know some of you bought the pool store sales pitch and took home some unecessary chemicals, products, or other snake oil. Now that you are in...
  26. SeanB

    5,000 members is right around the corner!

    At present time we are at 4,980! 8)
  27. SeanB

    **WIN a digital wireless, dual probe thermometer**

    [Note: The contest is now over.] To help kick things off in the relatively new Grill With Skill (GWS) section of the site, I am sponsoring a contest. This will be a simple participation contest. To enter, you just need to create at least two new threads (only one may be a recipe) and make a...
  28. SeanB

    How TFP is funded and why it matters to you...

    Myself and the mods have answered this question many times and in many ways, both on the site and via private messages. I try not to make too big a deal about it but recent posts have shown that a number of you have some misconceptions about how TFP operates and how the site is funded. Let me...
  29. SeanB

    Used the Grill Dome - my best brisket ever!

    I was able to use my GD for the first time. I made a 9lb brisket, started around 11:30pm Thursday night, and removed it about 1pm Friday afternoon. I did have to relight the fire one time when I woke up to go to work a little after 4am. As I was not awake to watch, I'm not sure what happened...
  30. SeanB

    And growing!!

    60,000 posts and 4,700 members! :rockon: