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  1. ktdave

    Filter Pressure rises quickly

    I'd suggest to try replacing your pressure gauge. Some will wear out quickly. They are fairly inexpensive and are easy to install.
  2. ktdave

    Its me again, and i need help

    It still may take up to a week for the CYA to show up on a test even though it appears to have dissolved.
  3. ktdave

    need opinion on Pentair Intellichlore SWG

    I have had pretty much flawless performance out of my IC-20. It is stand-alone (no Easy Touch, etc.), but it has really made my pool water maintenance a breeze. I've never seen algae in my pool!
  4. ktdave

    Help, I am feeling just a little overwhelmed......

    lprice, First, RELAX. There is not going to be any CYA in fresh water, you can assume it is 0. You should start by shocking the pool with a higher than "normal" chlorine dosage. Use Jason's Pool Calculator (link in my signature) for amount of chlorine to add. You will need to know your pool...
  5. ktdave

    Chemicals seem all off - Now what

    That is correct and using that much for just a short period of time won't hurt anything.
  6. ktdave

    New pool - startup next week - questions

    That's good hear. Your numbers look good so far, just keep testing regularly and you should have no problems. I would wait on adding any CH as it will likely increase as it leaches out of the curing plaster. 200 is good for now, just keep an eye on it every couple weeks or monthly.
  7. ktdave

    NEWBIE - Run all TF 100 Tests Now?

    Re: Run all TF 100 Tests Now? For the CYA test, don't "stare at" or "look for" the dot or your eyes will tend to "see" it no matter what. I've found a quick, glancing look is best. With a CYA of 70, your FC should be 5-10 ppm, I would add about 1 1/2 gal. of 6% bleach to bring your FC up to...
  8. ktdave

    Need pool building advice (and lots of it!)

    FYI. Your PM will be in your outbox until the recipient opens it.
  9. ktdave

    Pulling my hair out...

    I suggest you get a good test kit (see TF Test kit in my signature) to get a good handle on your pool chemistry.
  10. ktdave

    HELP!! Numbers way off

    I suggest not bringing your Alkalinity to 100. Shoot for no higher than 70-90. With a new plaster pool, your pH is going to "creep-up" no matter what, because of the curing process. If your Alk is above 100, it will creep faster. Just my experience.
  11. ktdave

    Taylor Tech Bulletin for Storage of Reagents

    Thanks for sharing that Mike! Very informative.
  12. ktdave

    Happy Birthday to Maveri9720!

    Hope you've had a GREAT day! :goodjob:
  13. ktdave

    Hello for Anthem, AZ

    Welcome to TFP toys4dlr! For your algae problem, start a new thread in the "Algae Prevention and Treatment" forum. Be sure and include a full set of fresh test results. Good Luck!
  14. ktdave

    NEWBIE - Run all TF 100 Tests Now?

    Re: Run all TF 100 Tests Now? You can certainly use the sub-pump. With a vinyl liner, even though it's in-ground, you still need to be careful of how much water you get rid of.
  15. ktdave

    NEWBIE - Run all TF 100 Tests Now?

    Re: Run all TF 100 Tests Now? You don't have to drain all at once. But, one way you can drain below the skimmer (if you have only one skimmer or you can isolate one skimmer) is to insert your vacuum hose into the suction inlet below the skimmer basket and put the other end at the bottom of the...
  16. ktdave

    new guy

    I agree with everyone. Put in an additional (small) gate with self closing hinges and you might have to padlock the big gate (if not already) to pass inspection. Welcome to TFP CentPA! :wave:
  17. ktdave

    Too much amonia!

    Welcome RSS! You wil find a wealth of useful info here. If you heven't done so, I suggest reading THE POOL SCHOOL to bgin with. You WILL need to lower your CYA by draining and refilling (30 to 50 ppm is optimum). It seems you will need to replace about 65% of your water to get it to 50ppm...
  18. ktdave


    Get a good test kit! Either a Taylor K-2006 or a TF-100, then you won't have to listen to your PB, you will KNOW what your pool needs without exception. Also, the Pool School offers invaluable information if you have not yet seen it.
  19. ktdave

    Help with oily substance in pool!

    Yeah, if I was the guy in the photo, my arms would NOT be behind my back, but probably a little more outstretched and mobile. :lol:
  20. ktdave

    Green water in the pool

    FPM, Just wanted to say, THANKS for all the help you give the people here! You ROCK! :goodjob:
  21. ktdave


    Try Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's and look for stabilizer or conditioner, but most importantly look for the ingredient cyanuric acid.
  22. ktdave

    Pool mom in Alabama

    I am in a suburb west of Houston called Katy. Did my time in T-town as a student. Loved it there and still have a sister there, Great town!
  23. ktdave

    Pool mom in Alabama

    Welcome Pool Mom! Where in AL? That's where I'm originally from (Montgomery). We are here to help!
  24. ktdave

    Pics of my backyard/pool area.

    Very Nice Cruzmisl! You've done a GREAT job! :goodjob:
  25. ktdave

    Copper Stains

    Refer to THIS thread. As waterbear stated, be careful....
  26. ktdave

    Need new pump quick, mine just died

    Steve, I know Chem Geek has an intelliflo pump AND has solar, and he has had good things to say about it. Either search his posts or PM him for reference.
  27. ktdave

    Need new pump quick, mine just died

    I have a Pentair Intelliflo 4X160 variable speed pump (has been replaced by VS-3050 Variable Speed Pump). Costs a little more, but saves quite a bit on power usage.
  28. ktdave

    Live Sweat Bee's Coming Out of My Return?

    Y'all must have young'uns and have the "Bee Movie" (like me) and/or that movie is "dead-on". Anyway, I recommend the movie, very entertaining. Sorry, I have no technical explanation for your problem.
  29. ktdave

    So what are you Smokin for the 4th?

    Man, that looks incredibly fun! Sean, The GrubRUB turned out to be excellent! Cooked the ribs for 3 hrs on the grill (gas, [email protected] degrees) and turned out GREAT! It's a brown sugar-based rub. I think it will be a good stock for your "back-up". I've used it on steaks also with good results...
  30. ktdave

    A Cheap Pool Cooler for the end of Summer

    h2o.......... - :nopic: We're countin' on you!