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  1. HighDesertPool

    Finally a real test kit.

    My TF100 arrived today finally, so I could finally see what's happening in this pool. I was a bit surprised by the results. FC .5 CC .5 ph 7.8 TA 110 CH 325 CYA 0 (Filled entire tube with water it was clear did this test twice with 2 different samples) Added 1 gallon of Walmart pool cholrine...
  2. HighDesertPool

    If you need a test kit, careful with TF-100 orders. USPS is taking an absurd amount of time.

    Ordered a tf-100 test kit from tftestkits on May 1st. And as you can see it's been in transit for 10 days and not even 1/2 way across the country. If you need a test kit urgently, a Taylor from Amazon might be the better option until the USPS gets things straightened out.
  3. HighDesertPool

    Muriatic Acid self life?

    I saw the other Muriatic Acid thread and it got me to reading. As a brand new pool owner I had no idea it shouldn't be kept indoors or away from the bleach. I also didn't realize it caused oxidation. I did wonder however why everything in our pump room was rusted. Just figured it was the...
  4. HighDesertPool

    Yet another new pool owner thread. (Apologies)

    Hello TFP. So, I recently found this great site. Unfortunately I found it after having my pool opened by a local company. I also had ordered a $20 test kit from Amazon. Luckily I was able to cancel the order and have since ordered the TF100, which should arrive next week sometime. I...