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    Calcium Hardness Test - Issue with New/Old Chemicals

    I always compare my results with the new chemicals each year to the results with the old ones. This year I noticed that my calcium hardness test with the new chemicals was 275 and the CH with the old chemicals was 200-225. I repeated the test by using some of the old chemicals and some of the...
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    pH Meter / Can't Read Red!!!

    I use the meter you asked about and I like it
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    Pool plaster has bumps, like sand paper on the bottom

    I got the same thing on my pool after my first or second winter. I didn’t realize that I needed to test and maintain the Ph during the winter. That should probably be emphasized in Pool School. For me it was over the sides of the pool and some of the benches. The bottom of the pool is fine...
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    Don't Trust my PH Meter

    I use it and find it very accurate. I rinse with distilled water and check calibration with a standard 7.0 solution. Takes about Thirty seconds to do. I also use the colors.
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    Leslies supershock

    Thanks. I’ve opened the pool earlier each year but then the pollen clogs the skimmers and I am cleaning it out three times a day. I was trying to avoid that hassle this year but the tree pollen will probably be falling later this year and I’ll probably have to deal with it anyway. I was...
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    Leslies supershock

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it
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    Leslies supershock

    Thanks I didn’t know if the inert ingredients was bad. It looks like this.
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    Leslies supershock

    I'm not opening my pool for a couple of weeks so wanted to add some Chlorine to make sure there is no algae when I open it. Rather than look for the correct bleach (last time I had trouble finding it at my supermarket), I stopped by Leslies and asked for Liquid Chlorine. They sold me...
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    pH electronic meter recommendations

    I use the $15 dollar one sold on tfttestkits and a sample test solution that is a standard 7.0. It has been great and very easy to use.
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    Order TF-100 from or

    Most of us always order from tftestkits as it indirectly supports this site (where we get a lot of free and invaluable information). In addition, if anything goes wrong with your regents I doubt you will get the same customer support you would from tftestkits.
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    Tf100 vs speedstir measurements

    On a recent thread I also mentioned that the Speedstir cylinder was off.
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    TF100 Test Kit Question

    I filled up my cylinders from the TFT test kit to 10 ml and poured it into two other cylinders (not related to test kits) and it was in deed 10 ml. But when I poured it into the cylinder that came with my speedstir it was less than 10 ml. I am not going to use that speed stir cylinder any longer.
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    Is a better PH test needed?

    There is a cheap better way. You can buy the acid demand regent ( which costs about three dollars) and add a drop to the ph test of the tft100. The drop will lower the PH and usually the color is much easier to read. I usually add a drop or two until the color turns orange and I can read it as...
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    TA r0008

    Just out of curiosity would more drops of R0008 make the TA higher or lower
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    TA r0008

    Thanks. I just emailed you OTPIRATE.
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    TA r0008

    My R0008 bottle (which turns the sample green) was having trouble getting the drops out, so I picked the opening with a fork to make it easier for the drops to come out. But now it seems like the drops may be a bit bigger. Would bigger drops of this regent have an affect on the TA test?
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    Question regarding testing TA with TF100 kit

    Ok, so if the answer is 170, then the advice from TFT Expert 257WbyMag (see link to thread CH WEIRDNESS in post number 15 above) is wrong. He said that "Your endpoint is just blue. Once you get to blue (not bluish purple), that's when you stop. There is no need to attempt to achieve a darker...
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    Question regarding testing TA with TF100 kit

    So correct me if I'm wrong but based on what you are saying Dave I think the TA in the first post of this thread would be 140. OT Pirate indicated it would be 170 and no one corrected that statement and I think that is what caused the confusion.
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    Question regarding testing TA with TF100 kit

    This is one of the threads where I thought it was said once you get blue you stop and ignore that future drops give you a darker blue. In case this paste doesn't work the thread was entitled "CH test weirdness" CH test weirdness SENT FROM MY IPHONE
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    Question regarding testing TA with TF100 kit

    Can the experts read the first post in this thread. From Prior threads I understood that the TA in the example from the first post would be 140 because once it turns red you were not concerned with the degree of the redness. However, in the above posts you seem to be saying that you agree the...
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    Is there another type of PH test - drop test?

    Thanks. I'm getting the acid demand drops as a backup to reading the ph color. If I'm not sure what color my ph is at I am hoping that by adding acid demand I will be at a color I can see more easily and then back into what my original PH was
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    Is there another type of PH test - drop test?

    Thanks joyful noise, I ordered the regent online cause tft didn't seem to carry that one. Can you point me to a chart that shows how to read the regent when used with my TFT ph test kit?
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    Is there another type of PH test - drop test?

    Thanks. But The PH test that comes with the TF100 isn't 44 ml. Probably less than 10 ml. So where do you buy the one with 44 ml?
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    Is there another type of PH test - drop test?

    Just to clarify. Can we use the r0005 acid demand test for the PH test that comes in the TF 100?
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    Speed stir question

    Thanks. I never did that way. Ill try it.
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    Speed stir question

    When using the speedstir, do you put a drop in and then turn the speedstir on for a couple of seconds and then turn it off before you add the next drop. And then repeat the procedure. Or do you keep the speedstir on while adding one drop at a time?
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    Caclium and scaling and csi

    I added Calcium Chloride because my 2015 TFT test kit said my CH was 225. But after adding I tested with my new 2016 TFT test kit and it was 425 (even though Pool Math said it should go to 325). I then retested with my 2015 test kit and it read 325. I am assuming the 2016 test kit is right but...
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    Better pH Test?

    Sometimes I also am not sure what the PH is (because I am not sure what color it is at). I was thinking that the Acid demand test of the Taylor K-2006 might be very useful. Suppose for example I am not sure that my PH is, but that I add three drops of Acid demand and my PH drops to 7.4 (and...
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    Calcium hardness in swg

    I didn't follow that. How is Ch lowered? Only by taking out water and replacing it? My autofill overfilled my pool a coupleof weeks ago so i did take out water (but only a bout 3 inches or so).