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    Philadelphia Area - Looking for a Solarattic Heat Exchanger Installer

    I live in the Philadelphia western suburbs and have purchased a Solarattic Heat Exchanger to help heat my pool with my attic heat (it is essentially a radiator using the pool water which is pumped up the side of the house via the main filter pump, into the attic, through the exchanger, and back...
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    Help on Subpanel & Automation for a Solar System

    I am installing a solar heating system and a new pump and want to modernize and clean up current equipment including a new subpanel without spending a ton of money but am uncertain as to what I should do. I have a 30K gallon pool with a pressure side polaris cleaner but no other bells or...
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    Pump and Automation for Solar Attic Heat Exchanger

    I'm strongly considering putting in an attic heat exchanger (Solar Attic) as we have high attic temperatures and by putting that heat in the pool we would also cool our house and reduce air conditioning cost. In theory it makes a lot of sense and our attic/pool stats seem to work well for the...